1. A fascinating read on American vs. French food culture.
  2. A new wardrobe staple.
  3. Cannot wait for season two of Big Little Lies.
  4. How to make a candy-filled cake.
  5. I adore Jen’s series on women of substance.
  6. I just ordered this hair straightening brush. Have any of you tried it?
  7. Loved learning about Jacey’s brother’s surrogacy process.
  8. More motivation for my quest to become a morning person.
  9. The perfect spring/summer bag.


From Design Darling this week:

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  1. Tell me about this hair straightening brush. Always in the market for something to tame this beast without a tons of heat, so I’m curious. Have a great weekend!

  2. I have the amika version of a straightening brush from Sephora and I love it! Worth the $! I have wavy hair and it straightens quickly without flattening/losing volume

  3. I just got one of those sunlight alarm clocks and it is a game changer for waking up early without feeling groggy. Highly recommend!