Hi friends! Most of you have probably noticed that there’s a new look on the blog and in tandem with the redesign, I’m hoping to collect some feedback from you so I can continue to improve the Design Darling experience.

design darling reader survey

Per #19 on my 101 in 1001 list, I’ve created a reader survey to learn more about you guys, what you want more of, and of course anything new or different you’d like to see here. The survey is anonymous but I ask that you please keep your feedback constructive. I’m eager to learn what you’re loving, what you’re missing, and how you think I can make this blog the best it can be. As always I am so grateful for the community we’ve created here and for any feedback you’re willing to share! Click here to take the survey. xx

10 thoughts on “2018 READER SURVEY

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  1. I did your reader survey but I did it from my phone and didn’t get the whole look. So I do prefer the general look of the logo and then the pages in a row underneath. Personal preference. But I love the simplicity of this. Also, someone else mentioned the lack of search. I’ve noticed it’s been gone for awhile. I want to see some of your summer looks because your summer weather is my weather in Charleston right now. But I can’t find them easily right now.

  2. I took the survey too! Re: the new blog design, love the new look it’s very chic, but I forgot to mention (and I don’t know if it’s just me) but where you have listed your Featured Posts, they don’t link out to the actual post. They stay static to whatever page you’re on. I discovered it a couple of days ago as I wanted to re-visit your Cape Town guide, and ended up going through the Travel categories to find it. Minor glitch though which I’m sure can be fixed.
    Thanks for bringing fresh and insightful content everyday!
    Daisy xo

  3. I took the survey 🙂 I do like the new site design, but one thing I miss is the search bar (if it’s still there, I’m sorry–I couldn’t see it!)

    I’ve read your blog since 2012 and I’ve been a big fan ever since I started. Thanks for keeping up the good work! 🙂