I got to spend the weekend in Palm Beach with a bunch of new blogger friends and I don’t think I’ve had to pinch myself so many times in any other three-day timeframe. First we got to fly on NetJets, which was just an extraordinary life experience (no security! driving right up to the plane! champagne!). Then we checked in to the Four Seasons Palm Beach, a hotel I already knew I’d love after our honeymoon there in Tanzania, and of course it did not disappoint. I also got to hang with a bunch of new-to-me bloggers; besides Amy (one of my best friends and bridesmaids), there was another Amy, Becky, and Krystal, all of whom are lovely and talented and worth a follow on Instagram!

I got so many questions about everything I was wearing in my Instagram stories so I wanted to round everything up for you here! And to share a few details about what we did and where we went in case you’re planning a trip to the area. I hadn’t been to Palm Beach since a girls’ trip a couple years ago so it was fun to mix it up and see some new places!

design darling palm beach with netjets

my shirt  //  my suitcase  //  Amy’s trench  //  Amy’s jeans  //  Amy’s shoes  //  Amy’s suitcase

design darling palm beach

You can’t go to Palm Beach without doing a little window shopping on Worth Avenue. We actually ran into my friend Carver’s mom and her girlfriends who were also visiting for the weekend! Such a small world.

clayton darcie jumpsuit design darling

jumpsuit (size up — I’m wearing the size small)  //  sunglasses (also available here) //  wicker circle bag  //  espadrilles (true to size)

aerin palm beach

Everything in Aerin’s Palm Beach boutique is to die for. And can you even handle those orchids?!

clayton darcie jumpsuit and j.mclaughlin circle wicker bag

jumpsuit (size up — I’m wearing the size small)  //  sunglasses (also available here) //  wicker circle bag  //  espadrilles (true to size)

palm beach rainbow

It rained briefly on our first evening in Palm Beach but this rainbow was totally worth having to redo my hair when we got back to the hotel. 🙂

four seasons palm beach sunset

The Four Seasons team set up an al fresco dinner overlooking the ocean and the whole scene was worthy of a rehearsal dinner. And the sunset was amazing!

four seasons palm beach breakfast

The next morning we woke up to an outdoor breakfast again overlooking the beach. Amy and I had been dying to dip our toes in the water and it was so warm we promised we’d make it all the way in before we left. Let’s just say the water never gets that warm on Nantucket!

design darling white shirtdress in palm beach

shirtdress (true to size, I’m wearing size small and wish I had the XS)  //  sunglasses (also available here) //  wicker circle bag  //  scalloped wedges

four seasons palm beach

Ahhhh the water!

four seasons palm beach hibiscus iced tea

I could probably live entirely off of iced tea and this hibiscus iced tea was to die for. And I’ll be adorning every cocktail with a flower from now on.

tuckenruck mia shirtdress

#BehindTheScenes holding both our phones, shooting Amy shooting the ocean.

palm beach polo lessons on design darling

The most fun part of the entire trip was getting a polo lesson from some of the polo players at the International Polo Club in Wellington, a thirty-minute drive from Palm Beach. First of all the entire property is like something out of a dream, with ivy-covered facades, bougainvillea in bloom, and the most beautifully manicured field. These are some lucky horses!

international polo club palm beach

First we started on the ground learning how to swing the mallets. I thought this was hard until we actually got on the horses…

design darling polo lesson in palm beach

…which made me laugh about as hard as I’ve ever laughed in my life. A real polo match is so fast-paced it can be hard to keep up with the ball, but our blogger polo match was more like a round of mini golf on horses that kind of wanted to do their own thing (and it’s hard to remember you have to steer the horse when you’re trying to follow the ball and make contact). It was not only hilarious to try to “play” (I use this super loosely) but gave me a whole new appreciation for polo players — I don’t even play sports on the ground, so to play one from a horse is pretty impressive.

design darling celine sunglasses

sunglasses (also available here)  //  top

blogger polo lesson in palm beach

Polo lessons at International Polo Club are available to the public — I 1,000% recommend going if you love all things equestrian or just want to try something new and highly entertaining. A truly unforgettable experience!

design darling polo lessons

sunglasses (also available here)  //  top  //  sneakers

After our polo lesson, we headed to Grato for pizza, pasta, and rosé. The perfect end to a perfect day!

design darling polo match in palm beach

On Sunday we headed back to watch a real polo match. Amy and I got to ride out onto the field in a Moke and flip the coin at the start of the match so I’m pretty sure we’re now the mayors of Palm Beach or something. The game was just a little more fast-paced than the one we’d played the day before (ahem) but it’s such a fun sport to watch and the people-watching is always exceptional!

dress (wearing size XS, more sizes available here)  //  sunglasses (also available here)  //  acrylic clutch  //  espadrilles

cult gaia mother of pearl ark bag

dress (wearing size XS, more sizes available here)  //  acrylic clutch  //  espadrilles

sunglasses (also available here)  //  acrylic clutch

design darling palm beach polo match

You can’t beat a weekend filled with new friends, warm weather, and lots of entertainment. There is so much more I want to do in Palm Beach (hellooo, Dixie Highway!) so I’d love to come back with Will sometime next winter.

mds stripes lexi dress

dress (wearing size XS, more sizes available here)  //  sunglasses (also available here)  //  acrylic clutch  //  espadrilles

Thank you to all the lovely people at NetJets and Four Seasons who made this weekend such a once-in-a-lifetime experience! And I know I’ve said it a lot lately, but thank you to each and every one of you reading — you’re the ones who make it possible for me to work on Design Darling full-time and to get to have experiences like this one so one million times, THANK YOU! xoxo

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  1. My mom and I went on a girls trip to Palm Beach last winter! Love seeing pictures of all the places we went. If you go back, I highly recommend going to Renatos! It was the most delicious meal!

  2. This trip looked amazing and I’m now adding the polo lesson to my bucket list!! Do you know where Amy’s bathing suit was from in the one story you had on instagram?! I’m obsessed and need it

  3. Your trip looked amazing!! I loved following along on Insta and Insta stories. I’m so glad you loved your polo lesson–it IS hard, though!!! I definitely want to take polo lessons again soon, but I think I need to focus more on my riding first… and my upper body strength, haha!