Happy Friday! I’ll be home in Connecticut this weekend but gearing up for two big trips in the next couple weeks. There’s lots of outfit planning and packing in my future! Other than that I just want to catch up on sleep and enjoy time with Will and Rory… I love, love, love to travel but nothing beats coming home to my boys!

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This week’s rose was hands down my trip to Palm Beach last Friday to Monday. It was my first (and probably last haha) time flying on a private plane but it was also just a great group of girls and a really fun few days in the Florida sunshine! And I absolutely loved taking a polo lesson after watching so many matches over the past few years — to say it’s harder than it looks is about the understatement of the century. I know social media tends to be a highlight reel in general, but this trip was one of those “pinch me” opportunities that really was a highlight for me as a blogger. I am just insanely grateful to have been included!

This week’s thorn is obviously not really a bad one, but I did two BBG workouts this week (legs/cardio on Wednesday and arms/abs on Thursday) and I am SO sore it hurts to bend down and tie my shoes. I never regret getting in a workout, but I hate being so sore that it’s practically agony to climb the stairs. I’ve been foam rolling (I LOVE this one even though some people — Will included — think it’s way too intense) and I’ve also been trying out this acupressure mat (so far it’s been great for back/neck pain and headache/stress relief!) but if you have any other ideas for easing muscle soreness, I am all ears.

P.S. I loved chatting with so many of you guys about BBG over on Instagram stories (and if you’re like what on earth is BBG, you can find out more here) and I’m hoping maybe we can all hold each other accountable for sticking with it… I’ve stopped and started on her PDF probably half a dozen times but for some reason I’m feeling a little extra motivation lately, even if I don’t do it on the exact schedule (i.e. doing Monday’s workout on a Wednesday and Wednesday’s workout on a Thursday… better something than nothing?). Would love to hear from anyone else who’s giving it a go!


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  1. You’re hard core! That foam roller gave me bruises in the shape of the little nubs!

    I love BBG, but I’ve never finished the whole program. I don’t like to do one type of exercise over and over, and it feels like really high impact on my joints. I usually workout 3-5 times a week and rotate between a day of running, a day of yoga or deep stretching/foam rolling, a day or two of weight training, and a day of circuit training. I do really like to mix BBG in there.

  2. Water and stretching has helped me with soreness from BBG. If I am too sore for my next weight circuit, I will swap out for a LISS workout instead, especially in those first few weeks! And also time will help; as you are more consistent with the routine, you will start to recover more quickly! It was so fun chatting with you about BBG on Instagram this week! I can’t wait to see how you integrate it into your routine!