Three of the goals on my 101 in 1001 list have to do with framing photos from our engagement pictures, our wedding, and our honeymoon to hang around our house. I didn’t want to go crazy and plaster our faces in every room, but I also love the idea of having all these beautiful memories on display. I decided a good balance would be to have one framed wedding photo on the credenza in our living room and then save the rest for more “private” spaces like our bedroom, bathroom, and home office. It makes me so happy to see them interspersed throughout the house!

design darling framing wedding photos ralph lauren silver picture frame

This silver frame was a wedding present so I think it’s only fitting that it house a wedding photo! This is in our living room credenza with two lamps that Will’s mom had refurbished with a lucite base (similar style here). I still have a few changes to make in the living room but I’m hoping that will be my next room reveal!

design darling framebridge wedding photos

For our bedroom, I had Framebridge print and frame three photos for above my dresser — one from our engagement pictures, one from our wedding, and one from our honeymoon. I purposely chose photos that weren’t tight shots of our faces but rather a little more visually interesting and in colors that complement each other reasonably well. These are Framebridge’s Irvine slim frames in white and I love that they’re clean and simple and don’t distract from the images inside them.

design darling monogrammed towels and framebridge wedding photos

It might be a little weird to have a wedding photo hanging in our bathroom, but this spot was really the perfect size for it! And the frame is exactly the same size as the three above in case I ever want to hang them as a set of four or two sets of two. The monogrammed towels were another wedding present and they make me feel like I’m at a spa.

design darling framed wedding photos

One of my very favorite wedding presents was this Framebridge frame from my friend Carver, who’s pictured above with the rest of my bridesmaids looking down on our first look! It’s hanging in our office (easily the least “finished” room in our house) and it’s such a happy sight to work next to every day. I still need to decide what to do with my wedding shoes… I wanted to display them somehow but they haven’t looked quite as bright white since I wore them for 12+ hours on our wedding day so now I’m choosing between dyeing them or just dealing with the fact that they’re looking a little well-loved.

design darling wedding photos in silver frames

Lastly I have these two silver frames (left and right) on one corner of my desk. If you watch my Instagram stories you know I also have a bigger 8″x10″ frame with a stock photo that I decided to move for the sake of this blog post. 😉 But our wedding photographer just sent me a few 8″x10″ prints to choose from so I can add one more to the mix!

How do you display your most cherished photos at home?

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  1. Hi Mackenzie, I have two of the same glass lamps from C&B. I’ve been looking for replacement lampshades as I do t like the ones they came with. Would you mind telling me where you purchased the white shade on your lamp? I’ve been having trouble finding the correct size shade for the lamps.

    Thanks so much!

  2. I love the variety of pictures and especially the three over your dresser. Such a good idea. I have the same dresser (in dark brown) and now I’m thinking about doing the same in my new place with pictures of both sides of my family and my girlfriends. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love how all of these look! You’ve done such a nice job displaying them! As for the wedding shoes, I say leave them as is! While pure white might look better, a little bit of dirt and stains is just a reflection of the day and all your memories! Even shoes in the Smithsonian aren’t restored to perfect condition 🙂

  4. I would jump in and dye them. My grandmother was married to my grandfather in the 30s, so dresses weren’t as elaborate as they are now. She saved her dress and dyed it navy blue. And then wore it to every major wedding anniversary she celebrated! The last time she wore it to was to their 50th! How sweet and romantic…

  5. I love the trio above your dresser! Would you mind telling me the size of the photos in hose frames? Also, I’d be very interested in a post on your wedding album. I’m in the process of having mine made now and would love some ideas!

    1. Thanks! The size of the photos you order will depend on the resolution of your photos but these photos are approximately 11″ x 16.5″ and with the frames they’re approximately 15.25″ x 20.75″.

  6. Love love love how the prints turned out – so lovely! Also, I read online that olive oil-based bar soap works really well for cleaning satin shoes. I’ve tried it on mine, and it totally worked. Just lather the soap with warm water and gently use your fingertips to clean the fabric of the shoes. Feel free to get all of the fabric wet with the warm water, so that when they air dry, they won’t have spots. Hope it does the trick!

  7. Silver, pewter and black frames only. I used to have frames in so many different colors and when I finally switched them all to the same tones, they looked so much more cohesive! I love my framed photos and have them everywhere which makes me happy 🙂