Happy Friday! I’m currently making my way home after four days in the Bahamas with Vineyard Vines and the Moorings. I’ll be sharing lots more photos on the blog next week, but you can follow along on Instagram in the mean time!

This week’s rose was taking two amazing trips in the Caribbean! Will and I spent a long weekend in the Dominican Republic and then I spent five days island hopping in the Abacos with Carly, Kelly, and Sean. I was definitely not sad to miss another March snowstorm in Connecticut and I’m excited to have so many fun stories and pretty pictures to share on the blog in the coming weeks.

This week’s thorn was that my camera strap (read: handbag strap laced onto my camera… never making that mistake again) snapped at precisely the worst possible moment and my camera fell between the dock and the boat right into the ocean. Sean is the nicest and immediately dove in to rescue it so it’s currently sitting in a bag of rice and maybe it will come back to life in some capacity. Apparently you’re supposed to wait at least a week to turn it on to avoid shorting it, but either way I won’t be able to trust it enough to travel with as my sole camera going forward. Plus the battery and the lens are definitely destroyed, so I have lots of research and a unexpected big expense in my near future. I’m leaning toward replacing it with the exact same model and lens, but if you have a newer camera that you’re obsessed with, I’d love to hear from you!


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