Happy Friday! I am ready for this weekend. We’re having dinner with Will’s college crew in the city tonight and seeing Footloose at my high school on Saturday night (four of the seven ABC girls my parents take care of are starring in the play!). I played a lot of catch-up after last week’s travel and made two trips into the city for lunch/dinner with friends and a meeting this afternoon. I’m excited to just be at home, tidy the house (does this make me sound old?), set up my new camera, and basically just feel like our lives are back in order.

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This week’s rose was spending lots of time with my parents. I decided to sleep at their house while Will was out of town for work this week (see below) and with the snowstorm I wound up staying for three full days! It was a fun change from my usual routine and I know I’m biased but my parents are pretty much the coolest people in the world. I feel so lucky to have them ten minutes away!

This week’s thorn was that Will and I have been on two totally opposite schedules since our trip to the Dominican Republic two weekends ago. Right after our trip together, I went on an action-packed five-day trip, then he went on a three-day work trip (made longer by the aforementioned snow), and it feels like we’ve scarcely had a minute together in the past ten days (ahem, maybe I’m feeling it a little extra because my love language is quality time?). We’re both busy with work we’re really excited about, so I know this is a champagne problem, but sometimes I just want to hang at home and do nothing together. Weekend, here we come. 🙂 I hope you all have a great one!


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  1. My husband of 26 years and I are going through this as well – lots of back and forth and missing each other for days and up to a week at a time.
    If I may offer: when he was in the military he would be gone for 6 months! First time without internet – yes I am old. But before he left he would do what were called work ups – be gone for a few days or a week or so then back and leave again for a few days quickly (basically mini practice deployments) Anyway…those were WAY harder then the long ones!! Although not seeing him for half a year was hard, there was a definitive start and stop and my brain could deal with that. The not knowing part really messes with me.
    SO…. (after all that background) I am now adjusting to the “chaos” by pre-planning our together time . While we are home together some time is scheduled for home maintenance and hanging out but I schedule breakfasts, lunches, and dinners out here and there at a few favorites but always something new thrown in too .
    It’s work and take a little planning but find the little coffee shops, walks through a museum or store we’ve never been to, etc are the hand holding moments I miss the most.

  2. 😂 at “champagne problem”! What a great saying! Definitely a struggle when you’re not feeling enough quality time together… I like keeping photos of my fiancé around when he’s traveling, whether on the fridge, my phone, etc. so that I can feel like I’ve seen him even if it has been a few days!

  3. I clicked the link to read about what your parents are doing it and it almost made me cry. No wonder you think they are the coolest!

      1. As a high school counselor I have worked with many ABC girls in Andover, MA. It’s life changing! They are fortunate to have your parents as their house parents.