Happy Friday! I had a great week and I’m excited to have Will working from home with me today. Happy Easter to those of you celebrating this weekend and have a wonderful weekend!

design darling blue and white striped beach hat

straw hat  //  sunglasses  //  wicker circle bag

This week’s rose was my sister Reilly getting a full-time job with Blue Man Group!!! I’m so excited for her and no one could be more deserving than she is. So many of you asked about her work life after watching our wedding videos here and here and I’m so happy to be able to announce what she’s up to in this next chapter!

Another rose this week getting to connect with a few local entrepreneurs! I feel really lucky to have connected with so many cool female business owners in and around my hometown. First this week I had coffee with Lindsey Lane, an adorable interior designer whose work you might recognize from the pages of House Beautiful. Then my friend Julia was sweet to include me in a women’s entrepreneur group right when I moved back and this week we had drinks at Amanda‘s beautiful home. I loved getting to see Lauren and Stephanie and meet several new people as well — it’s fun to chat about the blogging world and feel like I kind of have coworkers for once!

Honestly I don’t really have a thorn this week… it was a pretty good one around here! I hope you had an equally good one. And if not I hope this weekend more than makes up for it!


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  1. Congratulations to your sister! We love Blue Man Group and have seen several performances! Is she a performer or does she work behind the scenes? Either way, so exciting!