If you follow me on Instagram stories, you know I’ve been trying to decorate the space around the chaise longue in our living room for months. A ton of you suggested getting a tall plant to help fill the space, but I have zero faith in my ability to keep anything alive besides myself and my dog (though Will informs me our future children will require more than weekly hydration, so I’ll keep you posted). Enter this faux potted fiddle leaf tree from Pottery Barn!

pottery barn faux potted fiddle leaf tree 7 feet on design darling

My only history trying to keep a plant alive was when I had a lemon tree in my West Village apartment. I loved the way it looked but it seemed like it wasn’t getting enough sun, so I decided to give it a little vacation on my fire escape. One day Will and I realized it was no longer right outside my window where I’d left it and I immediately decided one of my neighbors had taken it (…sure) until we realized it had actually toppled down the stairs outside and probably given my downstairs neighbors the fright of their lives. So basically I’m just a bad neighbor with a black thumb.

room 422 applique monogram pillow and ralph lauren anette floor lamp in nickel

Our floor lamp was totally getting lost beforehand — I love it so much more with a little green behind it!

Anyway, several of you recommended this faux potted fiddle leaf tree from Pottery Barn and I was intrigued but a little skeptical, thinking it would look super fake. But we went to the store this past weekend to pick up curtains for the same space and there it was: the perfect faux fiddle leaf fig tree at the perfect height, dimensions just right for our living room. We walked out of the store with the 7′ version and I can’t even tell you how happy it makes both of us. Having a little green in here just totally transforms the room! The height is amazing, the quality is fantastic (you truly can’t tell it’s faux until you touch it), and the leaves are totally pliable so you can give it as much or as little volume as you like. It’s not cheap, but given how many real versions I probably would have killed if left to my own devices, knowing we’ll have this one forever makes it feel like a steal.

pottery barn faux potted fiddle leaf tree design darling

P.S. We placed ours in this basket in the “large tote” size and love the look!

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  1. Love this! Thanks for the review! I want to use your link to purchase, but was wondering if you knew if this ever goes on sale? Thanks!

  2. Hey! Just came across your post on this – we have the same one, but I can’t seem to adjust the stems to make it look natural! Did you have this experience? And if so, what did you do to make the leaves “fall” a bit? Thank you!

    1. Hmm, the leaves on ours are pretty bendy so I just bent them down to make it look a little less clustered at the top. (I did lose one leaf bending it too hard but nothing anyone would ever notice!) Maybe apply a little more pressure at the base of each stem and see if you can get them to point straight out vs. straight up!

  3. I love the look of the faux fiddle leaf! Definitely bookmarking this for my house.

    I also cannot keep anything but dill alive and that’s probably because it’s basically a weed.

  4. Try a pothos in the other side of the window! They are almost impossible to kill and will have nice trailing vines.

  5. Once again, we are right on the same page! At least this is a far cheaper investment than a jeep ; )
    I have yet to invest in this little gem, but I have been considering it for about a year!!
    The cool thing is that you can keep “planting” it in different spaces. I’m thinking I “need” it for my bathroom. It’s a good sized room, and very spa like. What do you think? Give it a try?

    Keep up the excellent purchases!

  6. I love it! Just a suggestion—perhaps move it to the other side? You have all the height on one side of the chaise—the chaise arm, the floor light, the plant, and the stool. Including the pillow, all the visual weight is on the left!