Happy Friday! We leave for Savannah bright and early tomorrow morning with both my parents and Will’s parents. We decided to plan a little early birthday celebration for my mom’s 60th, Will’s mom’s 60th, and Will’s 30th all in the next month! I can’t wait to explore the city (I haven’t been since a gymnastics meet there when I was 14 or 15!) and soak up some southern sunshine.

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This week’s rose was getting in all three of my BBG workouts! My mom and I been struggling to get back into a consistent workout routine after my hectic travel schedule in March but I always feel so much better (and sleep so much better!) when I make exercise a priority. These workouts are no joke but the sense of accomplishment I have at the end is so worth it. And having a workout buddy makes it so much more fun!

This week’s thorn is easy: TAXES. This is easily the #1 thing I miss about having a traditional job because doing your taxes when you’re self-employed is no joke. And it doesn’t seem to matter how organized I think I am leading up to April — it always feels like a last-minute circus trying to get everything ready on time. I decided after closing my online boutique earlier this year that I could do my own bookkeeping to save money but let’s just say that’s not exactly my strongest skill set. Thankfully I still have an awesome accountant whom I’m meeting with next week to get everything across the finish line, but this is never a particularly fun time of year for me (and a lot of you too I’m sure)! Sending you all lots of positive vibes if you’re still working on your taxes this year… I know I’m gonna need them!

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