Happy Friday! We’ll be home this weekend taking care of business… meeting with our accountant, cleaning our house (which is a straight up disaster zone after traveling last weekend), and the usual trying to get our lives in order before Monday rolls around.

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This week’s rose was a double date with Jen and her husband Landon in the city. We went to Bar Sardine near where I used to live in the West Village and it was the perfect spot for rosé, lots of veggie-friendly dishes, and French fries of course. I’ve raved about Jen and her blog a million times before so it was a treat to meet her other half, who is just as lovely as she is. I just love when a blog friend becomes a real life friend… hello, three of my nine bridesmaids are girlfriends I met through the internet!

This week’s thorn is redundant but I’m keeping it real when I say taxes two weeks in a row. I’ve spent several hours this week getting my ducks in a row so I’m hoping I feel like a weight has been lifted after we meet with our accountant this weekend. Nothing like leaving this stuff to the last minute… I hope you’re all better organized than I am but if you’re in the same boat then bonne chance to us both! Have a good one, friends! xx

P.S. If you’re looking for a Friday pick-me-up, don’t forget the Shopbop sale runs until Saturday night! You can peruse all my picks here.


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  1. I’ve walked by Bar Sardine and noticed that is has a giant map of Wisconsin (!!!) hanging on the wall which obviously caught my eye since I lived there for six years. Would you recommend it? Also, any tips on what to order there? (i know you’re pesctarian but I don’t eat much meat these days either) Thanks!! 🙂

    1. Definitely recommend! Such a great location and people watching. I just ordered two sides (I can be a little picky about fish) — the farro/chickpeas and the roasted carrots. Both delish!

  2. Mackenzie – I don’t like anyone’s blog or voice as much as I like yours. I’ve followed along for years, and you just seem so likable and normal, but with exceptionally good taste and an overall elevated lifestyle (that you seem to work very hard for and have earned!). I remember that bike that your husband got you for your first Valentine’s Day, and at the time (as a single girl living in a big city), I thought “Oh wow, how lovely and lucky that she met someone so nice – I hope it works out!” Then I loved following along as you moved to Texas and then as you planned and enjoyed your wedding. It was all fabulous and you deserve all the happiness in the world! So – here’s where I say something annoying – but I hope it doesn’t seem overly critical, just a suggestion. I LOVE that you do the “rose and thorn” – it’s real, you’re showing a peek into your life that is sometimes “seriously good” or “silly bad” or the inverse. But if you were my real life friend, I’d say to you – would you ever consider switching the order of the two? It’s such a tiny thing, but I think about it every week when I read your Friday post. I just hate that you end on the negative! Maybe my weekly yoga is getting to me, but it seems so much more your style to end on the “Rose.” Ok that is all – again, sorry to bring up a critique! I think you’re great!