Happy Friday! It’s going to be a fun-filled weekend for us with several of Will’s college friends coming to town to celebrate his and his friend Max’s 30th birthdays. The weather this week has been incredible and it’s put such a pep in my step. I hope you all have a great one!

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This week didn’t really have a thorn to be honest. I got hit with major anxiety in the middle of the week but without getting super specific, I addressed it head-on and it passed as quickly as it came. It ultimately turned a negative into a positive, so it’s hard to call that a thorn. Plus with Will’s birthday on May 3, my dad’s birthday on May 5, and my brother Grayson’s birthday on May 6 (how crazy is that?!), the first week of May always feels like a time to celebrate, and the extra vitamin D this week definitely added to the positive vibes.

This week’s rose was finally getting to show Will the needlepoint belt I’m stitching for him!!! I ordered the custom canvas through a company called Needlepaint and they did an amazing job bringing my ideas to life. I’ll have it finished at a local needlepoint shop but loved ordering from Needlepaint because they include a color guide and all the thread you need for the design (so helpful if you’re a fellow needlepoint novice!). That said I think I’ve spent 15-20 hours working on it so far and I’m only halfway through the design, so I miiight be working on it until Will’s 35th birthday. 😉 I shared a peek on Instagram stories last night but I’ll be sure to share the finished product once it’s finally complete! Seeing him wear it is going to be such a cool feeling. 🙌🏼

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  1. How do you take the needlepoint pattern and turn it into a belt with the buckle and everything? I love that idea, so great!

  2. This would be such a great wedding day gift for my soon-to-be husband! Do you need to know how to needlepoint to do it? Or could a total newbie tackle this project?

    1. If you’re new to needlepoint I would definitely start with something simpler and less detailed (my first project was a Christmas ornament). My grandmother taught me but there are definitely Youtube videos if you don’t have someone to teach you in person! And local needlepoint shops always have classes for those who want to learn. The belt has definitely been a challenge for me but I’m really enjoying it — highly recommend if you’re looking for something relaxing that will still hold your interest!

      1. Love the belt on Insta! Couple of questions, are you needle-pointing the emblems before the background or as you go? I am just learning to needlepoint and I bought a pre-assembled kit from my needlepoint shop in NYC (which I highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn or is testing the waters). I have been filling the tan background before going into the detailed shells. I am wondering if I am doing it wrong. Also, is there any key advice that your grandmother taught you? Is it a basket weave stitch?

        1. Hi! I’m just going in order right to left, so I started with the navy background, then got to the orange P, then more navy background, then blue Nantucket, etc. I had some extra navy thread on my needle when I got to the outline of our dog so I did the background around him first. I think it’s totally fine to do the entire background first or switch colors as you get to them. I’m doing a continental stitch. Happy needlepointing! 🙂

  3. I love the needlepoint belt idea! I’ve never done needlepoint but love the look! Also makes for such a sweet personalized gift. Nice idea!