My big project right now is working on an updated version of my Nantucket travel guide to answer all your questions and help you plan your stay — and I’d love to get your input! The new-and-improved guide will have sections for recommendations on lunch/dinner, breakfast/brunch, takeout, coffee, things to do and see, beaches, where to shop, how to get there, and where to stay. It will also be a permanent page in the header vs. a blog post you have to search for, and my hope is that you’ll use it to plan your travels or bookmark for once you’re on the island and looking for a place to eat or a boutique to pop into.

In addition to the categories listed above, there will be a photo and a blurb about what I love about each place (like where to find my favorite avocado toast or which restaurants are best at accommodating a large group). I’m also thinking of doing an FAQ section where I could highlight things like my recommendations for a Nantucket bachelorette weekend  vs. places I’d recommend for a family vacation — thoughts?!

I truly love nothing more than showing first-time visitors around the island and have gotten many of our friends hooked on Nantucket over the years, so I’m dying to hear anything and everything that would be helpful for you guys as I try to make this Nantucket guide the very best it can be!

design darling lobster sweater

design darling rory at sankaty lighthouse nantucket

lobster sweater two bees cashmere

nantucket daffodil weekend at sankaty lighthouse

design darling lobster sweater by two bees cashmere

castaner navy espadrilles on design darling

sankaty lighthouse on daffodil weekend

two bees cashmere lobster sweater

Two Bees Cashmere lobster sweater c/o (true to size, I’m wearing the size S for an oversized fit)

Celine sunglasses  //  J Brand jeans  //  Castaner espadrilles

In other news, how fun is this navy and red lobster sweater? It’s by the same brand as the tennis sweater I posted last week and I can’t think of anything more perfect for a weekend on Nantucket. Rory was so excited when we pulled up to Sankaty over Daffodil Weekend a couple weeks ago — he instantly knew where he was and couldn’t wait to get out of the car and sprint towards the lighthouse. We have a family tradition that you have to run around the lighthouse at least once on every visit and I’m happy to report that Rory knows the drill! 🙂

P.S. What Nantucket means to me, decorating my family’s Nantucket house, and our Nantucket wedding.

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  1. We’re doing our first trip to Nantucket in a few weeks and I’m so excited! It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit and I’d love to read your recommendations on places to eat and scenic walks!

  2. I know we are in different life stages but family friendly restaurants vs get a sitter restaurants. Best places for photos or recommended local photographers.

  3. Date spots, restaurants by brunch/lunch/dinner, girlfriend brunch/drink spots, best beaches, best ICE CREAM, ice coffee, boutiques, where to charter a boat/rent bikes/play tennis/anything else active and fun, and anything else you love I’m sure your readers will too!

  4. This will be perfect, as I am planning my trip to Nantucket (from LA) in early October. I’d be interested in what is a must see/do during Fall and toddler friendly restaurants and hotels. thanks!

  5. Hi Mackenzie!! Love your blog — been following along for years. My mom and I have never been to Nantucket and are planning a Mother/Daughter trip there for early next year! Can’t wait to dive into your recommendations list. Would love any recs on fun mother/daughter activities!!

  6. Hi Mackenzie, we visited last August and I used your guide for lots of tips. We met with a few realtors about renting in 2018 ,but no one was particularly helpful, especially when we mentioned we hoped to bring our dog. We’re so spoiled by having owned a beachfront home in Rhode Island all our lives ( sadly sold ), so we’d love to be somewhere that’s easy access to the beach. There are so many charming hotels but we’d be traveling with the entire family,so at least 3bedrooms. So now we’re Planning ahead for 2019. Any references for a great realtor and pet friendly homes for multi generations would be great. Thanks!

  7. So excited for this new updated guide! I have been to Nantucket once, about 10 years ago, and
    I absolutely LOVED every second of it. That said, I’m sure so much has changed over that time frame.
    I’d love it if you could include some different options of how to get there for your blog readers from the south. I live in Virginia Beach, VA and one of the things that’s kept me from going back sooner, is that it’s SO expensive to actually fly into the island, but driving there to catch the ferry is crazy long. The other option we’ve looked into is flying into Boston, and then taking the bus to the ferry stop. But, because I’ve never personally known anyone to take the bus, it makes me a bit antsy.
    Also, maybe you could do an actual iterniary of how to spend your days, so maybe 3 day guide and 5 day guide. Another idea is to include some “how to not spend a fortune” on Nantucket options. It’s obviously a high end place, which is part of the appeal (to me anyways) but it is nice to have a couple of options of places to go, or places to eat that aren’t super pricey. Oh, and is it worth it to make a trip over to Martha’s Vineyard while visiting Nantucket.

  8. So excited!! I’ve always wanted to go to Nantucket. Do you bring Rory around with you? I would also be interested to know what dog friendly places there are!

    1. I was going to ask the same thing! We have 2 dogs and are looking for some destinations that accommodate them too. After starting to follow Design Darling, Nantucket has been high on my list of places to see!

  9. My husband and I are planning our first trip to Nantucket next summer for our 10th anniversary. I’d love to learn more about the ferry (taking a car vs not) and the ease of getting around the island if we decide to not take the car. Thanks so much!

  10. Let me know if you want any family friendly tips. We’ve been spending a week on the island with extended family for the past 5 years (starting when my kids were 11 months and 2.5)! I feel like I’m an expert for the family friendly vacation. I also worked at Harbor house hotel one summer about 20 years ago!

  11. Maybe a section on how to dress/what to expect weather wise when you visit in the summer? For example, if you go in May/June vs if you head out in the middle of August. I’m heading up this June for the first time and I’m lost as to what to pack! Most guides are great about places, but the weather always has me scratching my head (and overpacking my suitcase!)

  12. Hi! First of all your current Nantucket guide was immensely helpful when I planned my first trip to the island last summer. My suggestion for the new version: itineraries are always a helpful travel guide feature to help prioritize and plan based on how much time you have on island. So, if you only had 3 days, what would you do, versus if you had a full week or longer. Or, break up itineraries/things to do by geography (e.g., an outline of a day in ‘Sconset v a day in town). I’m an organization freak so I make these for all of the trips I go on anyway, but it’s always helpful to have some suggested itineraries to work from.
    Thanks for putting so much energy and thought into this, it was a huge help for me last year and I’m sure this update will be even better.

  13. Awesome! can’t wait for the update. I’d love your own version of 36 hours in Nantucket or something of the like! W

  14. Love this lobster sweater! As a born-and-bred New Englander I’m always on the lookout for some good nautical wear 😉 just ordered this short sleeve “lobster love” sweater (https://amzn.to/2L2qL3E) and it’s quickly gone into rotation in my summer wardrobe!
    Can’t wait for the Nantucket guide! Definitely agree with the “girls weekend” vs “family time” split.


  15. I’d love to know which ferry is best for people who are prone to motion sickness. I would have chosen the fast one to just get it over with, but I’ve heard that the slow one is better since it is big and you can barely feel it moving even though you have to be on it longer.
    And I second Riley’s question about off season activities. I’m considering going end of September for my honeymoon and am wondering if there will still be pretty hydrangea everywhere.

    1. I’ll definitely do a section on how to get there! I’m not personally prone to motion sickness but I’ve definitely experienced some big waves on the fast ferry when there’s bad weather so the slow boat (or the super quick flight!) is probably your safest bet. Sadly the hydrangeas look their best in July and early August… we wanted them to hold on until our wedding last Labor Day but for the most part they were gone 🙁 But September is still a beautiful time to visit the island and you’ll find you have the place practically to yourself!

  16. Hi Mackenzie, would love if you can add any family friendly hotels and activities since I have two little ones but would love to visit Nantucket

  17. Can’t wait for the updated guide! I’ve gotten some much great information from your blog over the years. I’d love to see some tips on how to get around the island. When is it best to rely on the shuttle vs. taking a cab, vs. renting a bike? Are there any times when it’s worth it to get a car?

  18. I love the sweater! I have the tennis sweater but with a navy background and white racquets. I love that it’s machine washable cashmere! So easy to take care of!

  19. Hi Mackenzie! This guide is so fun! I would absolutely love to see your recommendations on places to stay/eat and things to do/see during the off season as well! My fiancée and I are getting married in Colorado on September 28th, 2019 and plan on heading off to our honeymoon right after. We’ve been strongly considering Nantucket for our honeymoon, and might even do a few days on Martha’s Vineyard as well! I’d love to see your recommendations for an early October visit like we are planning, or maybe a list of places that are still open at that time of year! 😊

      1. I’d second the suggestions for a honeymoon! We’re getting married on the South Shore next July then plan to go to Nantucket for a couple days after! Interested in your choices for inns, scooter rentals and out of the ordinary special activities for the occasion! Thank you!!

        PS these photos are exactly how I’d like to spend every day! Rory is my dream pup!

  20. I love this idea, Mackenzie! I will just refer everyone who asks about Nantucket right to your blog! Easy peasy! Thanks! xoxo