Happy Friday! We’re currently in Dallas for a friend’s wedding (two wedding weekends in a row!) and are excited to catch up with friends and Will’s family for the next couple days. I’ve also been craving the rice bowl from True Food Kitchen like crazy (we used to get takeout from there multiple times a week — seriously, when are they going to open one in Connecticut or New York?!) so I’ll probably drag someone there with me at some point. 🙂 I hope you all have a great one!

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This week’s thorn was 100% the lousy weather. After two weeks of sunshine that had me feeling like we were living in L.A., we got hit with a week of rain and even a freak hailstorm that canceled all the trains out of the city. The constant downpour just makes me feel like it’s a good day to curl up with a book and makes it so much harder to be productive! Thankfully the forecast for next week looks way more promising.

This week’s rose was getting all your recommendations for our upcoming trip! Hearing all your favorite spots got me even more excited to be back in France. I’ve been filling out our itinerary and adding places to my custom map for the last couple weeks and it’s shaping up to be an incredible trip. I can’t believe we leave one week from today!!!


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  1. I feel you on the weather. We had weeks of beautiful sunshine and highs around 80 (approaching 90 recently). And then they’ve been calling for rain for days and it’s supposed to continue for awhile. Charleston in the rain is no fun.

    Cheer from Charleston