Happy Friday! We’re kicking off the weekend at the French Open as a belated birthday present for Will’s 30th. And then we have two more days in Paris before it’s back to real life. Have a great one!

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This week’s thorn was for sure our cancelled flight from Lisbon to Nice, resulting in our missing a full day and night in Saint-Tropez. It was total chaos at the airport and we tried to rebook several flights before it was clear we really had no choice but to call our hotel in Saint-Tropez and tell them we’d be arriving 24 hours after we initially planned. We started our trip off absolutely exhausted but there were several people on our flight crying about missing weddings, family reunions, etc. so it definitely could have been worse. And now I know to book a direct flight next time. 😬

This week’s rose was just about everything else! Exploring gorgeous new-to-me places, getting to spend so much quality time with Will, meeting up with friends, crossing something off my husband’s bucket list to celebrate a big birthday, and ending the week in beautiful Paris… I couldn’t ask for a better week than that! I’ve been trying to post a bunch of Instagram stories about where we’re eating and what we’re up to so be sure to check those out in my story highlights if you’re planning a France trip in the near future!


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  1. We got caught up in a French railroad strike in Provence two Saturdays ago. We ended using planes, trains, automobiles, and a bus, but we got to our next destination on time. And I still was able to watch the royal wedding on my phone. Win, win!

  2. So sorry to hear about the travel issues – this direct flight issue is a big one for me now too! Its almost always more expensive but peace of mind is worth it!!!