Happy Friday! Will and I are heading up to Newport for our friends Andrea and Jamie’s wedding weekend and couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with them! I’ll try to share some snippets of the weekend on Instagram stories. Hoping you have a few reasons to celebrate this weekend as well!

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This week’s thorn was getting back into the swing of things after traveling all last week. We both actually got pretty lucky with jet lag as we left on an 8 p.m. flight from Paris that landed in New York at 10 p.m. So we both stayed up for the entire flight and then crashed hard when we got home around midnight and I’ve felt pretty close to normal ever since. But it’s amazing how many emails and projects pile up in just four work days off so Will and I have both been burning the candle from both ends trying to get our lives back in order this week. I know everyone knows the feeling!

This week’s rose was a lunch date with my friend Alex who started the clothing company Persifor. In addition to being a talented designer, she’s one of the most fun and down-to-earth people I’ve met in nine years of blogging. She and her husband just had a baby boy but she is still the first to send flowers or a thoughtful note — truly inspiring both personally and professionally. I’m so happy we both live in Connecticut and love any chance to get to catch up in person!


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