Will and I are heading to Nantucket for the weekend and part of next week as he magically just so happens to have a work conference in our favorite place! It’s going to be the longest time we’ve spent out there together since our wedding last summer and I’m so excited to run around and visit all our go-to spots.

I shared these Nantucket matchbook prints that Will gave me for Valentine’s Day and got so many DMs asking about them! They’re one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received and I’m so happy to finally have them hanging in our home. We got the Summer House print as that’s where we had our wedding reception, the Millie’s print as that’s the restaurant that catered our welcome party and where my cousins and siblings have worked for many summers, and the Chanticleer print as that’s where we had our rehearsal dinner! But they have a ton of different ones (including ones for other destinations!) so you can pick out the spots that mean the most to you. Or if you prefer paintings to photographs, you need to know about ACK v. Hamps — we have three of their prints hanging in our Nantucket powder room!

design darling nantucket matchbook prints

I know a ton of you are Nantucket lovers as well so I’ve been bookmarking all kinds of cute Nantucket-inspired gift ideas and wanted to share a few of my favorites! Whether you’re packing your bags for your next trip, picking up a hostess gift for a friend’s house on the island, or just looking for a little memento of your favorite place, I hope you find a thing or two you love!

nantucket gift ideas on design darling

Nantucket sweater  //  Nantucket letterpress map print

Nantucket lightship basket clutch  //  Nantucket playing cards

Nantucket sign print  //  Nantucket coffee table book

Nantucket needlepoint belt  //  Nantucket pendant necklace

Peter Beaton hat  //  Nantucket matchbook print

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