Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. Will, Rory, and I are heading to Nantucket for the weekend and part of next week and the forecast is looking pretty lovely. 🙌🏼 Also my new-and-very-much-improved Nantucket guide will be launching next week so stay tuned for that (or check out my current Nantucket guide if you’re headed out this weekend!). I hope you all have a great one!

lilly swell bottle

Lilly Pulitzer x S’well water bottle (launching on Monday!)  //  Lilly Pulitzer dress

This week’s thorn was having my husband away all week for work! I know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder but after five days I’m like, OKAY CAN YOU PLEASE COME HOME ALREADY. I’m so excited we get to have some alone time together this weekend before we head back to the island with a bunch of friends for the Fourth of July.

This week’s rose was seeing my sister Reilly for dinner in Brooklyn! We went to Pilot, a new restaurant located on a sailboat at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Heights. It’s very similar to Grand Banks in Tribeca but the waves at Pilot were a little heavier than I remember from Grand Banks and at one point I had to grab my water glass before it slid off our table and into the water. Anyway Reilly is the bomb dot com (as you’ll agree if you’ve the long or short version of our wedding video) and I always have a skip in my step after catching up with her. Anyone who’s ever dated in Manhattan will attest that Brooklyn is basically long distance relationship material so living in Connecticut makes me feel farther away from her than I would like, but it definitely beats the two years we lived in Dallas! Very ready for lots of Nantucket family reunions this summer. 💙


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  1. The dress looks beautiful on you, Mackenzie!

    I just watched your wedding video again. What a beautiful celebration of love, family and friends. Reilly has such a way with words and it’s evident that you two have such a special bond.

    Enjoy your time in ACK 🙂