I’m back in Connecticut for the next few days and I’m so excited because we’re heading to the Taylor Swift concert on Friday! Now that we’re back in Connecticut I probably make it into the city once every 2-3 weeks (except the summer when I try to spend as much time as I can on Nantucket). I usually try to schedule a couple engagements per trip to the city, so if I’m meeting with a brand or a PR firm in the afternoon I’ll also try to grab dinner with a girlfriend afterwards. I’ve actually been driving into the city and then having Will drive home once he’s out of work — it means I can have a glass of wine at dinner and he and I can spend an hour chatting or listening to an audio book in the car, so it’s a win-win if you ask me. 😉

pilot brooklyn restaurant

pilot brooklyn

I still love many of the spots I shared in my New York City guide and this 2015 post on my favorite restaurants in the city (I lived there 2013-2015), but I have to admit I feel a little out of the loop on what’s new and fun in the city these days. I’m always looking for cute new spots to grab dinner or drinks with friends and I know a ton of you live in New York so I would love to hear any of your suggestions!

pilot brooklyn view of freedom tower

bar at pilot brooklyn

I recently tried a new restaurant in Brooklyn called Pilot with my sister Reilly and it reminded me how much I used to enjoy taking pictures of my favorite spots around the city and sharing them on the blog. I’d love to update my New York City guide over the next year or two as I discover new favorites! Anyway Pilot is the same concept as Grand Banks in TriBeCa, both restaurants located on sailboats and both dreamy spots for a lobster roll and a glass of rosé. Pretty heavenly if you ask me!

sailboat restaurant nyc

pilot brooklyn sailboat

A few of other favorite New York spots we’ve visited / revisited recently: Claudette, La Pecora Bianca, Mermaid Inn, Palma (always and forever), Tacombi… all good food, nothing fancy, and aesthetically pleasing! If you have any favorites along those lines, I am all ears!


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    Here are my favs:
    Jacob’s Pickle, ABC Kitchen, Javelina, The Smith, Beechers, Cafeteria, Sel Rose, Prince Street Pizza, Tavern 29, Black Tap, Nizza, and Eataly is a must!


  2. I love Buvette, Upland, Osteria Morini (super casual vibe, but incredible handmade pasta in house…this seems to be Soho’s best kept secret because you can almost always get a reservation), Emily / Emmy Squared, Mary’s Fish Camp, Simon and the Whale (new and trendy, but totally holds up), L’artusi, Oiji…there are a million more, but those are my highlights for when I have visitors or something.

    Have so much fun at Taylor Swift!!!

  3. For fun girls night – St Tropez is a new wine bar/Provence style tapas in the West Village and everything taste amazing – wine, food – and it’s reasonably priced!
    For romantic dinner – waverly inn, ask to sit by the fireplace
    La contenta oeste is delicious for everything – dinner, brunch, margaritas

  4. Check out Schnippers for a quick and causal lunch or early dinner. We have 4 locations–our Times Square location was recently redone and is a great optionl before or after the theater.

  5. Just had Pizza <3 Emily in the West Village and it was amazing. I used to work down at Hudson and Houston and love the area. Also for brunch Macondo is hands down the best. Terroir in Tribeca for wine is excellent as well. And Prune in the EV. I also live uptown (way way up in the 150's) and theres a TON of amazing spots up there.

  6. Lilia in Williamsburg is VERY worth the hype! Kings Co Imperial is by far the best Chinese (now open in Manhattan), Locanda Verde is also incredible. Upland is unreal.

  7. I’m so glad you mentioned La Pecora Bianca, it’s a great one! It’s so charming inside, and their house labeled rose’ goes down way to easily. Looking forward to your new guide!

  8. The rooftop at Eataly is beautiful! Also love Essex for brunch and Caliente Can is always a favorite (not super aesthetically pleasing but killer margaritas and the guacamole is to die for)!

  9. More importantly, did you ask that girl in the fourth pic where her banana/leaf print dress was from??

  10. My husband and I were just in NYC this weekend and had the most amazing meal at Babbo! We also love Sugarfish & Rosemary’s. And for champs and oysters, go to AIRs Champagne Parlor, it was the cutest place!

  11. Hi Mackenzie, check out Motel Morris! You will love the fun decor and vintage cocktails with a twist!

    A few other spots to try are Amelie for dinner and Blake Lane for brunch! xoxo

  12. Restaurant week starts the end of july and runs through august. I usually try and go at least 2-3 times to see whats new and yummy. Currently on my list: Irvington, Baar Baar, Harvey, Fish Cheeks, Batard, Hunt & Fish Club, and Ocean Prime. Happy eats!

  13. Thank you so so much for introducing me to Palma ages ago via your blog–it’s still my all-time favorite restaurant in the city!

    As for restaurants I love, JG Melon (always, and if you go on Monday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday before 7 sit at the bar and tell Bobby the bartender I say hi!), The Wren (great for brunch!), and John’s of 12th Street. John’s isn’t really in line with the Palma aesthetic but it has the best Italian food in the city. I grew up around the corner and used to go with my parents all the time!

    Sarah | all in the details

  14. Upland is my all time fave! But a new recent one is Macchina (only opened a month ago). Everything I’ve had is AMAZING but the burrata pizza is an absolute must. Also the cocktails are soooo good.