Happy Friday! This weekend my parents, my sister, the dogs, and I are leaving Nantucket to head to Rehoboth, Massachusetts (just outside Providence, Rhode Island), for our annual family reunion with my dad’s side of the family. Will and my brothers are driving up from New York / Connecticut and there should be around 24 of us total! My dad grew up in an old playhouse that was converted into a family home (where the dining room sits on top of the old wooden stage!) and his sister Katie lives there with her family and is hosting all of us for festivities including a diving contest, tennis ball golf tournament, wiffle ball, and talent show. It’s always a highlight of the summer!

solid & striped the anne marie one piece in navy and white stripes

Polo Ralph Lauren baseball cap  //  Solid & Striped Anne Marie one piece swimsuit (also obsessed with this)

After that my dad, brothers, I are heading back to Nantucket and Will will join us a few days later to celebrate my birthday. Then I’m heading back to Connecticut for a few days for a little life maintenance (doctor’s appointment, etc.) and kind of bopping back and forth for the rest of the month. I don’t know why I’m telling you my life story for the month of August but there you go. And we are planning to be on Nantucket for our one-year wedding anniversary (what?!) over Labor Day weekend but want to plan a fun trip to celebrate later in the year or early 2019. Any tips on trips you’ve been dying to take?!

It was a happy week on the blog with lots of love for my interview with my Grandy — she is loving all your kind notes and has even reconnected with a couple old friends who happen to read my blog so that’s been really fun. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ok must see pics of this playhouse/home!!! Sounds straight out of a movie! Have a fab weekend with your family!!! xx