I go through major phases with jewelry — there are months when I won’t go out to dinner without putting on a pair of statement earrings and others when I completely forget about every piece of jewelry I own except for my engagement ring and wedding bands. Anyone else?

I love the idea of adding a few classic pieces to my jewelry collection that I can wear every day and I’ve been bookmarking a few favorites that I’ll share below. I particularly love the look of a couple layered necklaces and adding an extra ring or two — I tend to take bracelets off while I work so they wouldn’t work as part of an everyday jewelry assortment for me. A few classic styles I find myself drawn to are coin necklaces, lockets, and signet rings. I’d love to hear what jewelry you wear every day!

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  1. Hi Mackenzie! I currently wear my engagement ring and wedding band, pearl earrings, and pearl bracelet every day. I have thought about getting a signet ring and have a question for you – which finger would you wear it on? I was thinking my right pinky finger so it isn’t as close to my wedding rings. I just can’t think of a better place.

  2. My mom is Indian, which means she’s immersed me in her HUGE jewelry culture. I don’t go anywhere without putting on at least a pair of earrings (diamond studs, pearl studs, or gold ball studs usually) and I always wear my engagement ring, wedding bands, and a Cartier Love bracelet that I got on my 21st birthday. Occasionally I’ll add a Van Cleef & Arples single motif necklace. I love jewelry and I can’t remember the last time I haven’t worn at least 1 piece.

  3. I agree! I go through such phases and it’s very all-or-nothing. I have been wearing the same gold bangle bracelet and I think my favorite other jewelry types are earrings and rings 🙂 I love wearing my wedding ring and some more bohemian rings on my other hand. But I definitely have been known to take them off (and forget!) for 2-3 days.

  4. I like to wear 16-17 mm 18k yellow gold studs. All under
    4 grams each with the clamp on. Anything over 4 grams stretches
    My ear piercing. Also, yellow gold doesn’t change color and
    Polishing isn’t necessary.

  5. Agreed on the simple everyday assortment! I have a handful of jewelry items that I’m always wearing, and then every now and then will layer another necklace or two, add some bracelets, etc. but always have that base to start with. My includes my wedding band and engagement ring (gold), two other rings (silver), “huggie” style hoop earrings (similar to these: https://amzn.to/2PzF8ia), diamond studs in my second holes, and a diamond necklace from my mother.


  6. Big every day jewelry fan! I always wear my college ring and then two David Yurman rings stacked. Also always wear a bangle and two silver bracelets- one has the coordinates of the clock tower where I graduated from. Really big fan of statement earrings as well!

  7. I love having simple, everyday staple pieces. Every day I wear a small gold watch, either pearl or diamond stud earrings, and a small gold necklace with my initial in a heart that I’ve had forever – although since we have a teething puppy at home I haven’t been wearing the necklace lately because he likes to grab it 🙂 As much as I’ve tried to switch it up or wear more pieces over the years, I think I’m just not really a jewelry person, so that’s why I like to have these simple everyday pieces that I don’t have to think about. I usually don’t even take off the necklace. Sometimes I’ll add a piece, like my college signet ring or a bigger pair of earrings, but to be honest since we renovated earlier this summer I haven’t even unpacked a lot of my other jewelry from storage…

  8. I don’t have any one piece of jewelry that I wear every day except my wedding rings, but I do wear my initial pendant from Mark and Graham over and over (It has my initial and the initials of each of my 2 kids).

  9. I’m pretty minimal with jewellery most of the time, but I do love a great pair of statement earrings on occasion! Day to day though, it’s just a pair of simple gold studs that were a gift from my parents, and a very delicate gold bracelet that was a gift from my boyfriend. Every now and then I’ll wear a gold bangle that was also a gift from my parents, or a tiny gold diamond ‘A’ pendant that was gift from my grandparents, but it’s rare I wear that. I like my jewellery simple, but with a story. And I always request fine gold pieces for birthdays and Christmas (I’m usually very prescriptive on style but I couldn’t care less about the price, so long as it’s ok quality!) because I love wearing simple pieces that remind me of my loved ones – I didn’t realise until writing this that all my day to day pieces were gifts which has just given me the warmest feeling. I also have a silver charm bracelet that my parents gave me for my 14th birthday that is my lucky charm, and has come to every exam and job interview since.

  10. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, the only thing I wear daily is a sterling silver ring with an elephant on it and my watch. I try to wear earrings most days but sometimes I forget 🙃 I sometimes wear necklaces, but I tend to fidget with them, and bracelets are even worse for fidgeting.

  11. I like to wear my David Yurman cuffs and mix and match those. I often pair those with my Michelle watch. I tend to reserve statement necklaces or fun earrings when I’m going out to dinner or dressing up a simple outfit. This past year I almost always wear my pretty emerald ring I found on amazon on my right hand. I bought it to test out if that’s what I would want for my engagement ring one day.

  12. I always wear a necklace with a small diamond that I bought myself for my 30th birthday (I’m a firm believer in commemorating special birthdays/events with jewelry), a thin gold bangle, and a three stacked rings: college class signet ring, diamond ring from my parents, and a thin gold stacking ring. Each piece is classic, and I love that wearing everyday jewelry makes accessorizing easy…unless I’m feeling fun and want to add some statement earrings and a couple other bangles!

  13. I have a lovely little initial necklace from one of my best friends that I wear almost every day. It’s very simple – just a matte gold disc (about the size of the top of a lip balm) with an E stamped on it. It adds a little extra to an outfit and it has a lot of sentimental value, so I love it.

  14. Long time follower (since you first met Carly!) first time commenter… I always wear three tiny gold hexagonal rings stacked on one hand, and an old family diamond/sapphire ring on my other hand, and diamond studs (high school graduation present from my parents) in my 2nd ear piercing. Lately I’ve been very intentional about wearing another pair of earrings & a necklace for work, but if I get lazy I have a super thin gold chain in with a letter “T” on it that I don’t take off. I’ve been looking to add another ring or two to my collection, but just haven’t found the perfect one yet!

  15. I wear stud earrings, my wedding band + engagement ring, and then almost always I wear a little gold necklace, not unlike the ones you link to above, with a little gold infinity sign. It’s special to me because it was one of the first gifts from my now mother-in-law. My husband’s favorite number is 8 and his birthday is 8.28.88 so I always think of infinity as “8 on its side” and it reminds me of him. Also….when I meditate I often breathe in a “figure 8” and I now believe myself to be an infinite being of Light and Love, so there’s that. 🙂 Regardless of my (admittedly way out there) spiritual meanings, I do love my infinity necklace! haha. Namaste. 🙂

  16. I wear my gold wedding band, my gold class ring from high school, and a pair of pearl earrings every day. On special occasions, I’ll wear a pearl necklace that I inherited from my mom. When I go out, I wear a necklace from my godmother–three small rings (silver, copper, gold) on a thin gold chain. Before I was married, I wore my engagement ring all the time–it is an antique ring from the 1830s–so unique and beautiful! But because it has emeralds, I only wear it for special occasions as they are soft stones.

    Sarah | all in the details

  17. Thinking about this made me realize everything I wear everyday is sentimental 🙂 I don’t mix my jewelry up very much other than statement earrings on occasion. I wear my engagement ring & wedding band, a right hand claddagh ring that I’ve had for years from my mom, pearl earrings (a gift from my dad on my 21st birthday), the watch my husband gave me as a gift on our wedding day, and either a David Yurman bracelet (30th birthday gift from my husband) or my red Hermes bangle that I bought at a rare sample sale in Chicago last year (I chose red since I love holidays and it works for Christmas, 4th of July, etc. A classic piece I know I’ll wear forever).

  18. Gypsy rings on my pinky for the win. Two are antique, one new. I tend to wear the sapphire diamond one on my wedding ring hand. At Christmas time I wear the ruby and diamond and the emerald one together on my opposite pinky. Also,, my double strand of pearls is a go to and if I’m feeling like living on the edge I add on my single strand.

  19. I wear pearl or CZ studs with my engagement ring every day, then switch between my two favorite statement necklaces – one is a long vintage pendant with Queen Elizabeth II that was my grandmother’s, and the other is a small Satya pendant with my star sign that I got in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a few years back. I have plenty of other necklaces but always gravitate towards those two!

  20. I do marketing for a well-known jewelry brand and get a MAJOR discount, so I’ve been thinking of investing in some pieces from our fine jewelry line like diamond huggie hoops and a moonstone/diamond necklace. I always have on my engagement ring, wedding band, and diamond necklace from my husband, and usually wear a pair of statement earrings as well. I was never a jewelry person before, but working in the industry has definitely changed my perspective.

  21. Since I’m not married or engaged, I still wear my signet ring on my right ring finger. Together with a ring my father gave me for graduation that I wear on my left middle finger, these are the only pieces of jewellery I wear every day (nine years and counting), they are basically a part of me by now 😄 I love the idea of having some pieces that are just “you”!

  22. I wear my wedding and engagement rings and diamond studs almost all the time. I occasionally change my earrings if I get dressed up, but I otherwise don’t take them off. I also rotate between a Daniel Wellington silver watch with a black strap and a Fossil bracelet watch (coveting a Cartier watch and can’t decide what I would get–a Tank Solo or a Ronde de Cartier!).

    For necklaces I have a bunch of really great statement necklaces, but I definitely go through phases of wearing them. Right now I mostly rotate through some more delicate necklaces, mostly wearing a medium silver one of these with my initials: https://www.moonandlola.com/products/ml-xx-em-cutout-metal-charm-interlocking

    That necklace ended up being a little bigger than I intended so I recently ordered a small gold disk with my monogram to layer. Moon and Lola has a deal on Gilt right now too…spend $50 get $100 to Moon and Lola, etc.

      1. I think my hangup is that I want to love the Tank Solo since it’s SO classic and famous, but every time I try one on, I just don’t love it. Hopefully soon 🙂

  23. I wear my Catbird Sweet Nothing bracelet… because it’s welded on me and I can’t take it off! haha but I love it, it’s so light, delicate, and timeless that it works with everything and I often forget I’m wearing it! 🙂

  24. Hi Mackenzie! I currently wear my engagement ring and wedding band, pearl earrings, and pearl bracelet every day. I have thought about getting a signet ring and have a question for you – which finger would you wear it on? I was thinking my right pinky finger so it isn’t as close to my wedding rings. I just can’t think of a better place.

  25. I wear my engagement ring, wedding band, and another ring on my right hand every day (I have a few I rotate through – all gifts from family). I also always wear a pair of stud earrings, but I rotate those as well. Usually pearls. Occasionally, I’ll add a necklace or bracelet or upgrade the earrings, but for everyday I keep it simple!