This is more a before and after than a styled interiors post but I just had to share our Nantucket dining room before another summer passed me by! If you’re new here, we did a bunch of work on my family’s Nantucket house before our wedding last summer, including painting the interior and exterior, staining the floors, and adding new furniture, rugs, and decor throughout. I’ve shared room reveals for our living room, sitting room, powder room, guest bedroomupstairs bathroomentryway, and kitchen and today it’s time for the dining room. This room winds up being a command station with everyone’s laptops and cameras during the day and big group dinners at night (or at least when we can’t eat outside). It’s super simple with just a dining table, chairs, and a rug, but it’s so much lighter and brighter (and less cluttered) than it used to be!

design darling nantucket dining room

design darling nantucket dining room before photo

I got a bunch of questions about these dining chairs when I posted them here and while we do bring them outside when we’re entertaining a big group, we primarily use them as indoor dining chairs so I can’t speak to how well they hold up outdoors for months at a time. But they sure look pretty in both spots! I know the art prints are a little tiny for in here but my brother Grayson printed a Nantucket photo that my three siblings and I had taken and I guess we’ve yet to find anything we love more than our own work, haha.

frontgate set of two paris bistro side chairs in capri blue

frontgate paris bistro side chairs in capri blue

nantucket prints

frontgate paris bistro arm chair in capri blue

frontgate set of two paris bistro side chairs capri blue

Frontgate bistro side chairs  //  Frontgate bistro arm chairs (get the look for less with these)

similar dining table  //  similar chandelier  //  jute rug

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  1. Gorgeous! Your dining room looks so brighter, warmer and cozier now. I love the navy blue chairs, no wonder you got so many questions about them. Everything is so cleverly combined to make this space feel so calming and peaceful.

  2. How did you decide on a rug that takes up the whole room, and is it part of an open floor plan? My living room is such a tricky size/layout and the only solution I can think of (if I want to add a rug, which I definitely do) is to make it take up the whole room.

    1. Hi Quincy! To be honest we used this rug because we already owned it and it just barely fit in the space. The space is somewhat open — the living room is through the opening to the left that you see in the first and third photos and the kitchen is behind where I was standing to take the first photo. I think it’s better to err on the side of a larger rug vs. one that feels too small!