Last winter I was having lunch with a girlfriend when I looked down and realized my sweater was pilling so badly I probably shouldn’t have worn it outside the house. I did a little online research when I got home and discovered the mother of all Amazon finds: this $8 fabric shaver.

remington fuzz-away fabric shaver review on design darling

I ordered it with free two-day shipping, popped in an AA battery, and tested it out on one of my less expensive sweaters to make sure it wouldn’t snag the material. And you guys, the sweater immediately looked brand new. I’ve since used the fabric shaver on every sweater in my closet and it’s amazing how quickly it brought back to life some of my most worn pieces. I photographed it working its magic on a couple Polo Ralph Lauren cable-knit cashmere sweaters below, but I’ve used it on everything from my J.Crew cocoon coat to cheaper cotton-cashmere blends and I’m convinced there’s nothing it can’t revive.

amazon sweater shaver review on design darling

All you have to do is swipe it over the problem area and this fabric shaver will remove pills before your eyes. (Don’t press it into the fabric too firmly or you will wind up with a tear — you’ll get a feel for how much pressure to apply once you turn it on.) The pills will be lightly sucked into a removable cartridge (similar to a vacuum cleaner) that’s easy to pop out and empty every few sweaters.

amazon sweater shaver before and after review on design darling

When I first shared this on Instagram stories a few months ago, a couple of you recommended the $34 electric version instead of this battery-operated version while a few of you said the electric version is actually too strong and makes it too easy to cause holes. All I know is if the $8 version ain’t broke, I’m not fixing it. Let me know your latest Amazon find (and whether you’d like to see more of mine) in the comments!

remington fuzz-away fabric shaver review before and after

Remington fuzz-away fabric shaver  //  Polo Ralph Lauren cable-knit cashmere sweater in camel and pink

P.S. Another one of my best Amazon finds.

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  1. This post is literally so timely! Really, such an informative post. I love it. There are a few older pieces of clothing I have that come to mind already. I’m in need of a fabric shaver. Especially for all of my sweaters. I have to look into getting one of these.

  2. I use a defuzzer called Gleem- it has a couple of different heads that snap on for different sweater weights. No batteries. You just run it by hand over the sweater pills and poof, all gone.

  3. Be careful! I used a similar device and sucked a thread of a fine cashmere sweater into it, making a hole. I still use the device but am very cautious.

  4. My mom has had the older version of this for FOREVER (probably since she was in college)! That $8 purchase will seriously last you a lifetime 🙂