A few weeks ago I did a massive closet clean-out and it makes me so happy to open the doors and see everything hanging neatly for once. I should have taken a before picture because it was bursting at the seams and had all these dry cleaning hangers and plastic bags mixed in which drive me crazy. I’ve been saying I want to Marie Kondo our entire house since I read the book (…more than two years ago, oops) and this feels like solid progress, even if it’s not quite Konmari-level perfection. It took me the majority of the day but I wanted to be super thorough, so I pulled everything out of the closet and onto our bed, filled two huge boxes with items to donate, and then rehung everything on (mostly) matching hangers.

design darling how i organized my closet

design darling closet organization

Thankfully the house we’re renting has two closets in the master bedroom so I’m not battling Will for hanging space. This closet isn’t quite as spacious as the walk-in closet I had in our Dallas townhouse but I would say I can fit probably 90% of my clothes in this closet, excluding special occasion dresses that I have in the guest bedroom closet and coats and jackets which are in our front hall closet. I already had a ton of these white hangers (and these wood ones with clips) and didn’t want to start from scratch (if I were, I’d order these or these and call it a day) so I found these clear non-slip hanger strips that fasten onto wood hangers to hold strappy tops in place. So far, so good!

clear non-slip hanger strips

closet organization on design darling

The closet has three hanging rods which I use for shirts, dresses, and then a combination of tops, skirts, and shorts. (The latter category is way too high for me to reach so you’ll also see a step stool tucked to the side!) The two shelves house stacks of sweaters and then straw hats and bags. I know someone will ask about where my shoes are so I snapped a photo of them lined up opposite the closet doors. They now cover two walls in our bedroom plus part of the closet in the guest bedroom, so I definitely wouldn’t say I’ve found the perfect solution for shoe storage yet. I’ve seen people on Pinterest using this Ikea bookcase for shoe storage and I’m tempted to follow suit, but I also hope we’ll be buying a house in the next couple years and we already have a bunch of extra shelving from when I had a separate office space in Dallas, so I’d love to avoid adding another one to the collection… we shall see.

stack of white sweaters in design darling closet

design darling organizing closet

Also I have to admit I’m kind of cringing at the quality of these photos… my closet is off to the right in its own little hallway as you walk into our bedroom so it’s a really narrow space which makes it virtually impossible to photograph with even lighting. I dream of the day I have a walk-in closet again but in the mean time, this is real life (and a big improvement over what it looked like a month ago)! Officially crossing #58 off my 101 in 1001 list.

design darling closet step stool

design darling shoe closet

design darling closet with white hangers

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  1. I got some great underbed rolling shoe storage racks that have been a lifesaver for out of season shoes – out of sight, out of mind, but still reasonably accessible! Check container store an d Amazon.

  2. I love reading your column or blog. I have been for quite awhile now and I really learn alot also.
    I’ve been buying the clothes hats and purses,having a ball doing it so I will be a reading you every day and learning. I really need to do my closet.

  3. I love reading your column or blog. I have been for quite awhile now and I really learn alot also.
    I’ve been buying the clothes hats and purses,having a ball doing it so I will be a reading you every day and learning.

  4. Hello – you can buy wooden hangers by the case at Uline (they stock over 34,000 shipping boxes, packing materials and mailing supplies). A box of 50 (yes, 50) amazing wooden hanger is only $59. If you are an organizer, then you need Uline. Better than $11 – $12 per hanger.

  5. I’m actually going through and doing this with my closet! I’m waiting on another pack of velvet hangers to come in so I can finish. A huge pile has accumulated to take to try to sell and if it doesn’t work I’ll just donate. It’s always such a good feeling! Now to convince my fiance to do his side…