Sometimes in my quest for a particular item for our house it feels like I’ve seen every lamp/chair/dresser/etc. on the entire internet. Lately I’ve been on the hunt for several table lamps: one for our dining room, two for the dresser in our guest bedroom, two for the bedside tables in our guest bedroom, and possibly one or two for our master bedroom as well. The dining room is the top priority as it’s the last room on the first floor (aka the one preventing me from entertaining) and the room that’s closest to being “finished” and therefore next up to be shared on the blog. So of course I won’t be purchasing a dozen table lamps at once, but I do bookmark finds that aren’t right for the space I’m currently working on but that might work for my next project once I start tackling the upstairs. In any event I always love to share the pieces I’m stumbling upon (should I bring back my design finds of the day series?) and hope a few of you happen to be on a similar, simultaneous search.

I’m 99% convinced this is the lamp I want for our dining room. I love the architectural base and the wicker shade, plus the petite size is just right for the console table we have in there. I’ve also loved these lamps forever and would love to find a way to incorporate them into one of the rooms in our house, but I think I’d want them in a space we spend more time in than the guest bedroom. I love the shape of this and don’t think you can ever go wrong with a clear glass lamp like this or this — they add a little glow to any space and become as casual or as formal as the rest of the room. What say you?



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  1. Love all of these Mackenzie! I’d love to see what you’re liking for floor lamps, everything I’m finding is too mid century and would love your advice!

  2. Thank you for posting these! I’m also in need of table lamps and like quite a few of these. We purchased our first home last year and FINALLY had our new lighting fixtures hung, our outlets changed out from the yellowing plastic, and found a floor lamp for our living room. Good lighting makes such a huge difference!!! Now we are prioritizing lamps for our bedrooms and office.