Our powder room downstairs is a teeny tiny room off the kitchen with a sink, a toilet, and a small window. If we weren’t renting, I would love to wallpaper it like we did for the powder room in our Dallas house, our powder room on Nantucket, or the upstairs bathroom on Nantucket. Sadly I have a feeling our landlord wouldn’t be down with an oversized ginger jar motif sooo we’ve hung a few small pieces of art in there and called it a day. It’s perfectly adequate and inoffensive but I don’t love it nearly as much as, say, our foyer or our living room.

The one thing I’m really not wild about in our powder room is the vanity, which is pretty modern compared to the rest of the house and has a small exposed shelf that houses toilet paper and cleaning supplies. The thought recently occurred to me that I could have a sink skirt made to hide the mess and add a little more personality into this tiny space without making any semipermanent changes. I started down a rabbit hole in search of skirted sink inspiration and found a ton of examples I love that I wanted to share in case any of you find yourselves in a similar debacle!

I found this Etsy shop that sells custom sink skirts starting around $100 (I’m thinking something like this or this) and I’m thinking this could be a quick and inexpensive update since we still have another 15 months left on our lease! Would you ever do a skirted sink in your home? (Btw I think this could totally work in a rental apartment too!) And would you be interested in seeing a before and after if I go through with it?

skirted sink in bathroom inspiration

skirted sink in bathroom

striped skirted sink inspiration

skirted sink with fringe trim

skirted bathroom sink

elizabeth swift design skirted sink bathroom

skirted sink inspiration on design darling

skirted sink by elizabeth swift design

*images one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight

P.S. Can you tell I’m on a major decorating kick right now? Would love to hear what interiors posts you guys want to see!

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  1. The only skirted sink I have ever seen other than these is one at my grandma’s house when I was a kid! I always thought it looked old fashioned and it was just a weird feature she had, HOWEVER… these on the other hand are so cool! I would have one tomorrow. What a pretty way to hide the ugly part of the basin and also hide toiletry mess!

  2. I think it could make a striking design statement if it is not too fussy or gathered. I favor a more tailored aesthetic, but that’s just my personal preference. I suggest spraying the fabric with Scotchguard to help repel water spotting or accidental spills.
    This is a creative solution to help hide plumbing, as well as items better left out of sight, good luck!

  3. Wow, This looks amazing. I Love your decorating style and can’t wait to see what you do with the powder room! I would just put the toilet paper/cleaning supplies in a pretty woven basket on the shelf! Thanks for the sharing this.

  4. I Love your decorating style and can’t wait to see what you do with the powder room! I really don’t love the sink skirt though! Also I think it would get wet/stained easily

    1. Before I got married I’ did this in both my Beverly Hills apartment and my NYC apts. Both bathrooms were tiny, tiny. Made an enormous impact! I bought fabric remnants and had my seamstress whip them up including Velcro stitched on one side to adhere to the sink on one and a 1960s cabinet on the other. Super, super easy and cheap. And actually no, didn’t get wet and messy. The one you favor – the straw looking one with the chinoiserie tape – is sensational. You will love it I think. Do something different!