Two of my most popular blog posts this year have been about my $8 fabric shaver and my $40 straightening brush from Amazon so today I’m sharing all my favorite Amazon purchases in one place. I’m such a sucker for these posts on other blogs — Amazon can be so overwhelming so I love seeing what’s in other people’s carts. Please share your favorite Amazon finds in the comments; I hope you find a new favorite or two as well!


design darling favorite amazon purchasesONE  //  Ice roller ($11)

My favorite hangover cure and a must for jaw pain if you grind your teeth at night like I do.

TWO  //  Self-tanner ($29) and applicator mitt ($5)

Hands down my favorite self-tanner and a product I refuse to live without. I buy the 1.7 ounce size for travel and the 8 ounce size on our bathroom counter. The mitt is a must for ensuring even application and preventing product from getting on your palms.

THREE  //  Travel steamer ($20)

I haven’t ironed a single thing since I bought this steamer. Compact, foolproof, and borderline life-changing.

FOUR  //  1.25″ inch curling iron ($34)

This is one of those “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” purchases that I’ve had forever and haven’t seen the need to upgrade. I use the 1.25″ size and brush out for loose waves after using the straightening brush below.

FIVE  //  Hair straightening brush ($43)

I use this to straighten my hair in less than minutes — see how here.

SIX  //  Jewelry organizer trays ($22)

I have two of the “12 grid” for bracelets and statement earrings and one of the “24 grid” for necklaces, rings, and stud earrings. They’re simple, practical, and I love the way the tan linen looks on my white dresser.

SEVEN  //  Heel protectors ($10)

I wore these with my wedding shoes and found that the size XXS was the only heel protector small enough for my Louboutin stilettos. Take them off for pictures and put them back on for walking and dancing — I swear they made it possible to wear my very high heels all day and night.

EIGHT  //  Acrylic makeup organizer ($21)

How I keep my makeup and skincare products from taking over the second floor of our house.

NINE  //  Dry shampoo ($18)

This stuff works. Love the smell and hate washing my hair so I buy this in bulk.

TEN  //  Fabric shaver ($8)

Buy now and thank me later — see how I bring my sweaters back to life here.

ELEVEN  //  Terry headbands ($14 for three)

These make my evening skincare routine feel a little fancy, protect my hair from getting wet before bed, and come in a set of three so you can wash after every few wears.

TWELVE  //  Pashmina ($11)

A no-brainer purchase to have on hand for weddings and formal affairs. Naturally I have the navy but for $11 you could stock up on two or three colors to pair with every dress in your closet.

THIRTEEN  //  Acne patches ($5 for twenty-four)

If you have acne-prone skin and/or an obsession with picking, peeling, popping, etc., this will be the best $5 you ever spend. These thin hydrocolloid patches come in three sizes to protect breakouts from bacteria and absorb oil from whiteheads and popped zits. I apply them to spots overnight and find it weirdly satisfying to see what they’ve drawn out by morning.

FOURTEEN  //  Wooden utensil tray ($16)

We have two of these in our kitchen and I like that they blend in with the interior of our cabinets.

FIFTEEN  //  Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner ($39)

Possibly the most ridiculous item on this list, but I drop my engagement ring and wedding bands into this cleaner for three minutes whenever I think of it and every time I ask myself why I don’t do it more often. I’ve even used it to clean my favorite sunglasses when I realize it’s gotten to the point where I can hardly see out of them.

SIXTEEN  //  Oversized toothbrush ($8)

My husband makes fun of me every time I use this hilariously oversized toothbrush but I love it for giving my gums a deep clean… call me crazy?

SEVENTEEN  //  Salted caramel protein bars ($23 for twelve)

The most delicious protein bar you’ll ever eat, without the gross chewy texture of most other bars out there. I often eat one for breakfast or as an afternoon snack and feel like I could do way worse for 13 grams of protein and 5 grams of sugar. I’ve gotten several of my girlfriends hooked on these — you will love!

EIGHTEEN  //  Makeup remover wipes ($12 for fifty)

Sometimes I’m up for my whole skincare routine and sometimes I reach for these and call it a night.

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  1. Great ideas, thanks! Quick question – have you ever had an issue with power crunch in heat? I live in FL and saw a few comments on Amazon re: melting

    1. Ooh good question! I’ve never received a batch that had melted but I’ve left one in my car and it was definitely less appetizing haha. I’ve also seen them at Trader Joe’s if you want to look for them locally!

  2. I got so many compliments on this pashmina at a wedding this past weekend!

    also just had to buy a new curling iron because mine from YEARS ago finally kicked 🙁 thank goodness the cheap ones really do the trick