The dresser of my dreams was delivered yesterday after I scored it on sale last month and it is definitely the pièce de résistance of our bedroom. It’s very generously sized and the texture is absolutely stunning in person. I’ve been more focused on getting the first floor of our house decorated (foyer, living room, dining room, powder room) but this new arrival has me excited to move my attention to our master.


In addition to needing a large area rug and wanting to paint the gray walls white (nothing against gray, but it’s everywhere in this rental house and doesn’t mesh well with all the jute and tan pieces we already owned), the new dresser has me wanting to upgrade our hamper situation. We currently have three hampers — one for my laundry, one for Will’s, and one for items that need to be dry cleaned — and the system works quite well for us, but the mismatched mesh and plastic hampers are a sharp contrast to our beautiful new dresser and I’m thinking it may finally be time to retire the hamper I brought to my freshman year at Bucknell, oh, eleven years ago. 🙈

Here are a few options from my go-to home retailers but if you have a laundry set-up you love, please let me know in the comments! I’m in love with these and have yet to find anything I love quite as much (these might be the runner-up), but I’m definitely waiting for a sale before I spend $200 on a hamper. 😬 Would so appreciate any inspo! 

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  1. ‘Ray Bucknell! Been following your posts for a while and never noticed the Bucknell connection! I am a didgeridoo older….and will leave it at that!

  2. If you happen to live near a Home Goods, they actually have a huge selection of beautiful hampers much like these for good prices — at least they do where I live. Might be worth a visit.

  3. We have the Perry divided hampers from PB (one each!) and I love them. Perfect size. One side for laundry and one side for dry cleaning and nearly 10 years later, they still look brand new!

  4. We have a split hamper in our bathroom for my husband and I and I love it! We put socks/underwear in one side and clothes in the other which bakes it a breeze to do laundry because the sorting is done! And even if i sort the clothes, it’s still less to go thru.