Taking a little break from holiday gift guides today to share pictures of our kitchen! It’s not as much of a proper reveal as our foyer, our living room, or our dining room as there wasn’t a ton of decorating to be done in this space, but I didn’t want to skip over such a central part of our home! Since we’re renting this house, there wasn’t much we could change about the space — in a perfect world, I’d love to paint the island white to match the cabinets and replace the modern ceiling fixture with something more “me” like this or these — but I tried to make it our own with a little art, an affordable runner, and a few pops of blue, green, and tan. I’ve linked everything at the end of the post!

serena & lily riviera counter stool in design darling kitchen

safavieh casual natural fiber hand-woven sisal style natural and serena & lily riviera counter stool

serena & lily riviera counter stool and boxwood topiaries in design darling kitchen

We’ve had these Serena & Lily Riviera counter stools since our house in Dallas and I was so happy to find a rental house with an island for them (you can see my makeshift solution for our first Connecticut rental in this post). They’re one of those timeless pieces that feel right at home in every place we’ve lived and they’ve held up beautifully in the four years we’ve had them, especially considering I work from this island nearly every day! I am also head-over-heels in love with this newer version, so much so that I dream of having a breakfast nook with the dining chair version in a future home.

design darling kitchen runner safavieh sisal rug

safavieh sisal runner in design darling kitchen

I knew I wanted to find a kitchen runner but wasn’t falling in love with anything so I decided to keep it simple and affordable and ordered this woven sisal runner from Overstock. I have to say I’ve been SO pleasantly surprised with the quality and am thrilled I spent so little for such a big impact! It instantly warmed up the entire room and has become Rory’s favorite spot to lounge while I work at the counter. It’s perfectly soft to walk on with bare feet and comes in a bunch of other sizes if you don’t need such a long runner.

emilia ceramics blue stripe tibor ginger jar in design darling kitchen

design darling nantucket matchbook prints

My mom placed these oversized striped ginger jars in the kitchen as we were unpacking and I loved them so much there I never moved them! And Will found these Nantucket matchbook prints of some of our favorite places on the island — we had our wedding reception at the Summer House, had the Millie’s food truck at our welcome party, and had our rehearsal dinner at the Chanticleer. They make me happy every time I see them!

design darling kitchen tour

design darling slim aarons prints from kitchen

serena & lily riviera counter stools at kitchen island

A few photos to give you a feel for the layout of the first floor… the kitchen is at the back of the house and open to the living room with the dining room on the other side of the living room wall. Even though it probably makes more sense to have the kitchen open to the dining room, we switched the dining room and living room to be able to fit more seating in the living room, which is slightly larger than the room at the front of the house.

indigo home chinoiserie dog bowl on design darling

indigo home chinoiserie dog bowl

Ending on a particularly cute note with Rory’s food and water set-up! The personalized water bowl is by Indigo Home and comes in all different colors and sizes — I believe this is the medium. His food bowl is by Waggo.

serena & lily riviera counter stools on design darling

serena & lily riviera counter stool on design darling

Serena & Lily Riviera counter stools  //  Safavieh woven sisal runner (more sizes here)

Summer House matchbook print  //  Millie’s matchbook print  //  The Chanticleer matchbook print

Emilia Ceramics striped ginger jars  //  similar topiaries here and here

Indigo Home chinoiserie dog bowl  //  Waggo dog bowl

white Kitchenaid stand mixer  //  white Keurig

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  1. Such a nice, bright room! I love your cabinets too. I’ve been browsing homes online lately and I’ve seen quite a few with one color cabinets and a mismatched island – where did this trend come from?? I had no idea it was a thing until recently. I guess if it’s a house you’re purchasing, at least it’s a potentially easy fix to paint the island. So interesting to me that it’s a deliberate design decision someone made!

  2. I am so jealous of your kitchen! Our little galley kitchen in Boston is a constant struggle…never enough counter space or storage and the shelves inside the cabinets aren’t adjustable which is SO ANNOYING! Ahem…anyway… the light in our kitchen was horrible and we swapped it out! The old one is currently in storage and we got a super cool one we can take with us when we move! We swapped in 3 fixtures which came to under $500 (and we easily could have spent less, but I was picky). The internet says you can do the swapping of fixtures as a DIY, but we hired it out to a handyman for safety :). If you expect to be there a year or more, I think it’s 100% worth it. Just make sure to keep the old fixture so you can replace it when you move out.