Growing up we had a little closet between our kitchen and our mudroom that my mom called the “gift closet.” She kept the top shelves well-stocked with items like candles and picture frames that were great for last-minute gifts and the bottom shelf housed wrapping paper, gift tags, and ribbon. This time of year I always find myself wishing I had my own gift closet, but until we have an extra closet to spare, I’ve found an adorable (and portable) way to organize all our gift wrapping essentials!

studio designs gift wrap organizer cart on design darling

studio designs gift wrap cart on design darling

how to organize gift wrap on design darling

I started looking online for the best ways to organize wrapping paper and stumbled upon this wrapping paper storage cart on eBay. It’s such a clever design — it not only has tall openings for rolls of wrapping paper in the back but also bins for bows and gift tags, dowels for ribbon, and three drawers for gift bags, tissue paper, and additional supplies. I’ve also been keeping a tape dispenser and pair of scissors in the bottom drawer and it’s made the task of gift wrapping much more seamless than it’s been in years past. The wrapping paper cart came almost fully assembled and I love that it’s on wheels so I can easily move it from room to room. And I couldn’t resist ordering a bunch of grosgrain ribbon — this eBay seller has the best colors!

studio designs wrapping paper organizer on design darling

wrapping paper organizer on design darling

wrapping paper cart on design darling

eBay really has something for everyone (I’ve recently used it to find our fall porch decor and several holiday gifts) so I shouldn’t have been surprised they also had the perfect solution for organizing our wrapping paper! Everything I’ve ever ordered from eBay has been brand new — 81% of their items are new and available with the “buy it now” feature and 69% of items ship for free. P.S. The refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaner I bought for our house is currently 60% off the list price — you can check out eBay’s massive assortment of Dyson goodies (including their cult favorite hair dryer) here!

how to organize wrapping paper and gift bags

how to organize wrapping paper bows and ribbon

wrapping paper cart white

wrapping paper cart  //  grosgrain ribbon  //  plaid wrapping paper

Would love to hear how you organize wrapping paper at your house as well as any organization projects you have in the works for 2019. I could seriously talk about this stuff all day!

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  1. Ah I’ve been looking for ways to organize all my giftwrap treasures!! I feel like I might even need two – one for holiday stuff and one for birthdays/random gifts.