Hello from Charleston! I’m here on a little girls’ weekend with Ali, Carly, Jillian, and Lauren and I’m so excited to try some of the fun new spots that have opened since I was last here! We’ve been planning this weekend forever and I’m so happy everyone’s schedules finally lined up. I hope you all have a great one!

design darling friday q&a

1. Any vacations coming up?

I’m not sure my husband would call them vacations since we’re constantly taking pictures for the blog! 😂 But we are heading to Palm Beach in February and Australia in March. I’ve been to Palm Beach but Will hasn’t and neither of us has been to Australia — would love any recommendations for either! 

2. Sunglasses recs please!

Once I find a pair I love, I tend to wear that pair into the ground. For the past year or so I’ve been wearing a Celine pair that’s super similar to these. I love the classic tortoiseshell and subtle cat eye and find them flattering on almost everyone! These and these have a similar feel. If those aren’t your vibe, you can’t go wrong with Ray-Ban clubmasters, which I think look great on guys and gals alike!

3. Can I order an unframed print from Nantucket Print Shop? Congrats to you and your brother on the launch!

We’ve had a few people ask about this and the answer is yes! You can send us a message on Etsy to inquire about custom orders for unframed prints.

4. I’m considering a cockapoo for my next dog and would love to know what life is like with one of these cuties!

My siblings and I grew up with two cockapoos (one of whom, Coach, is 15 and still kicking!) so it was a no-brainer that I would get a cockapoo when I got a pup of my own (Rory, now 6). They are the sweetest, most playful pups, plus they’re hypoallergenic and don’t shed (a must as I’m actually allergic to dogs and cats and have no problem with our dogs!). They each have their own personalities — Coach is cuddly and loyal and Rory is a little more mischievous and makes us laugh every day. They both love to play fetch and be treated like human children. 🙂

5. I am having my bridal shower in March — what dress would you wear?

I just ordered this one in navy and think the white version would be darling for a bridal shower. I also love this, this, and this!

6. When would you say is the best time / month to go to Nantucket for the first time?

That depends how you feel about crowds! If you want the best weather and flowers in full bloom, visiting in July or early August is your best bet. If you want a quieter experience, climbing roses bloom in late June or you can practically have the island to yourself (with water temperatures still warm enough to swim in) the month of September. 

7. Can you point me in the direction of a wallet you love? My current one has seen better days and I’m in dire need of a good replacement!

I have this navy zip wallet from Cuyana and love it! This one is similar and comes in great colors.

8. What are your favorite pieces of jewelry?

Right now I really only wear my engagement ring, wedding band, and a diamond and sapphire band that Will gave me on our wedding day! I’d love to add a pair of small diamond or pearl studs and a gold signet ring.

9. Can you remind me of the heel stoppers you used with your Louboutins? Our wedding ceremony is outdoors and I’m scared I’ll ruin my shoes stepping in the grass!

Yes! You need these. They are the only heel stoppers I found small enough to fit the stiletto heel on my wedding shoes — they have several size options so you should measure the tip of your heel for the best fit. They not only protected my satin heels from grass stains but the expanded surface area also made the shoes so much more comfortable. Also you can easily take them off for any close-up photos and pop them back on when you’re outdoors! An Amazon hall of fame member for sure.

10. How did you know Will was “the one”?

I think I knew pretty quickly (after we broke up and got back together, that is 😂) that this wasn’t going to be a short-lived fling. I’ve said this before but he is hands down the smartest person I’ve ever met and I knew that he was the kind of guy who would keep me on my toes for the rest of my life if that makes sense. He always had interesting things to say and he believed in my small business even when I doubted it myself. Plus my parents loved him from the get-go and he developed meaningful friendships with each one of my siblings… there was just no doubt in my mind that my life was infinitely better with him in it!


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  1. Happy Friday, Mackenzie!! I hope that you mentioned a signet ring. I too am married but love the look of them. Would you get yours monogrammed and wear on your right pinky finger? Enjoy your trip!