Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day. I dragged Will to see Isn’t It Romantic on Wednesday night — he loooves going to the movies and I can’t remember the last time we’d seen something in theaters! The previews for the movie looked so funny (I think Rebel Wilson is hilarious) but I think they kind of packed the funniest moments into the preview and the rest was pretty cheesy. Would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve seen it! Yesterday I went to my mom’s going away party at the clinic where she’s worked for the last five years as she’s transitioning to become a school nurse at the end of the month. So proud of her and excited for what’s to come! Happy belated Valentine’s and have a great weekend!

design darling friday q&a

1. Heading to ACK for a friend’s bachelorette party in July and would love your recs!

You can see all my recommendations in my Nantucket travel guide! If you click on FAQs, I list out everything I’d recommend specifically for a bachelorette. Have the best time!

2. Any tips for planning a wedding after party?

Our wedding reception was outdoors under a tent and Nantucket has strict noise regulations so our reception had to end at 10 p.m.! We knew we wanted to keep the party going so we all walked up to the piano bar at the Summer House. ‘Sconset is pretty quiet relative to downtown Nantucket but there were a few late night diners still at the piano bar since we didn’t rent out the entire bar but they kind of just joined the party! Seeing all my family and friends (and a few random patrons!) gathered around the piano belting out show tunes was one of the happiest moments of our wedding day and it was totally unplanned. So I really don’t have a ton of advice besides making sure everyone knows where to go to keep the party going (our wedding planner reminded everyone as they were lining up for our sparkler exit) and having one tab at the bar for all wedding guests (we had wristbands made so the bartenders knew who was part of our crew!).

3. How did you start your business/blog? Would love advice for what to do in the early days when there’s no money to buy a professional camera.

I started my blog in 2009 and launched an online boutique by the same name in 2012 (I shared that story in this post!). Conveniently two of the biggest changes that have happened in blogging over the past ten years are the explosive growth of Instagram and the rapid improvement of iPhone photography, so I think it’s totally possible to start a blog or any kind of online business with an inexpensive domain name, a free Instagram handle, and the phone you already own. Having high quality photos will definitely become more important once you start partnering with brands who want to repurpose your content, but you can build a loyal following on your blog and Instagram with relatable everyday iPhone snaps of your outfits, recipes, weekend trips, etc.! 

4. How tall are you and how tall is Will?

I’m 5’1” and he’s 5’6”!

5. What are your thoughts on headbands being back in style? I’m on the fence!

I’m not a huge fan. 😬 I definitely have friends who look adorable in them, but I’m pretty self-conscious about my ears sticking out and am not about to wear something that accentuates that! I’d rather tie a bow in my hair (like this) but I think they can be chic (particularly with your hair swept back vs. down and tucked behind your ears).

6. Any recommendations of places to visit in Florida? I’m planning a trip with my boyfriend soon!

My Grandy lives in Naples for half the year so that’s where we usually go, but we were just in Boca Grande and are headed to Palm Beach next weekend and I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those!

7. How do you style your hair when you’re short on time?

I run through it with my straightening brush in less than ten minutes and call it a day! You can see it in action here. I like to add a little wave with my curling iron if I have time but will stop after straightening if I’m in a rush. Or I’ll leave it in its uneven natural state and throw on a hat! 😉

8. Have you done Whole 30 or other big changes in eating before? How did it go?

I really haven’t! I honestly don’t have the self-discipline to restrict my dietary habits like that. I’m such a picky eater as it is that I can’t imagine cutting out carbs or dairy. That said I’ve been a pescatarian for twelve years — I just gave up meat cold turkey (ha) during my freshman year of college and haven’t craved it since.

9. My boyfriend of six months asked for a list of my favorite flowers so he knows what to buy for Valentine’s Day, etc. I haven’t really given it much thought before this but would love to know what types of flowers you like as I always love your taste in how you decorate!

First of all, that is the cutest thing ever! And second, I’m so sorry I didn’t get to this before Valentine’s Day but I’m sure he got you something lovely because he sounds like a gem. 🙂 I love peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, ranunculus, and garden roses!


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  1. Hi!!! I’m going to Nantucket for a bachelorette party in June and your guide was SO helpful! Our group is quite large however – 18 girls total, so just wondering if there are any recommendations outside of what your guide features that you’d recommend for a much larger group.

    Also – how do the beaches work? Are they public? Do you have to pay? Can you drink on the beach? Are there more lively/fun beaches for a group of girls rather than beaches that are filled with kids, etc?

    THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Thanks for your review of Isn’t it Romantic – might turn that into a Netflix night instead 🙂 Have a great weekend!