I’ve been counting down the days and weeks until I could share our big news and the day is finally here: we’re having a baby!!! We could not be more excited about this next chapter of our lives and it’s such a relief to be able to fill all of you in. The baby is due in late September and I can’t wait to document the months leading up to his or her arrival!

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We found out in mid-January when I took a pregnancy test while Will was at work in the city. I figured there was only a teeny tiny chance it would be positive so it didn’t even occur to me to wait until he was home! I was absolutely shocked when it said positive and tried to let the news sink in before taking a second test a couple hours later. Positive again! I think I had maybe three hours until Will got home from work but I knew I wanted to wait and tell him the news in person. I walked around the house in a total daze for the next few hours trying to wrap my head around this life-altering news. It was just so surreal!

I had both positive tests waiting in the kitchen to show Will the moment we got back from picking him up at the train station and he was completely in shock. That whole night we just kept saying over and over, “Can you believe we’re having a BABY?!” I think I’d laugh now looking back at my internet search history in those first few days — I literally googled “what to do after a positive pregnancy test” because it was all so new and unknown. I think I lasted a whopping two days before I was just bursting at the seams to tell my parents, who were every bit as elated as we are!

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I’m now 16 weeks along and it’s started to feel much more real now that my bump has made its appearance! For the first three months, I was so terrified that something would go wrong and I counted down the days between doctor’s appointments when we could be reassured that the baby was healthy and progressing nicely. My first trimester was pretty rough (more on that to come) but I know it will be one million times worth it when we get to hold our sweet baby for the first time. I was so thankful to finally make it out of the first trimester a couple weeks ago and be able to share the news with more of our family and friends!

I’ll be sharing an overview of my first trimester next week and have lots to say about that but I’d love to hear if there’s anything in particular you’d like to know! We will be finding out the gender so I’ll be sharing that in a couple weeks as well. (Any guesses?!) My heart is practically bursting with excitement over all that’s to come and I am so excited to navigate this whole new world with all of you!

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P.S. It felt fitting to announce the baby news in MDS Stripes after wearing his designs for our engagement pictures and our rehearsal dinner!

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  1. Congratulations! One question for you…Have you thought about or will be updating your 101 in 1001 given the new changes coming about?!

  2. Congratulations!! I am due in early October and can’t wait for all the baby content! I cannot believe you went all the way to Australia pregnant!

  3. That’s lovely–Congratulations to the both of you! And my prediction is a girl!!! We had a girl, and then a boy, and then another girl (many years ago), and I was right about the gender every single time. Maybe you’ll have twins–how awesome would that be?!

  4. hooray!! huge congrats to you and Will! this baby is already the luckiest- what a loving and wonderful family they will have! xx

  5. I thought this announcement might be coming a couple weeks ago. I am SO THRILLED for you and I can’t wait to follow as long as much as you and Will let us. <3

  6. So happy for you guys! I’ve been following your blog for almost as long as you’ve been writing, and it’s been a pleasure to follow along with all the awesome things that have happened with you since then. Becoming a mom myself ten months ago was the most amazing experience of my life. Parenthood is wonderful. Congrats!!!

  7. Congratulations!!! Have been following you for a long time and could not be more thrilled!! This will be THE best dressed baby!! Sending love your way. XO

  8. Just cried happy tears seeing this!! I’ve been following along your blog for over four years and am just so happy for your new addition! I know you two will be the best parents. Sending lots of love! ❤️

  9. Oh that is just wonderful news. Parenthood changes everything. The best thing I did in life was become a Mom! Wishing you and Will the very best. Congratulations!!!!

  10. SO happy for you, Beuttenmuller Fam! You are going to be the BEST parents. Get ready for your hearts to grow a zillion sizes. Life will never be the same, in the best possible way. 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS! xoxo The Larkins

  11. That’s wonderful, congratulations Mackenzie! Sending you lots of good vibes for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  12. So many congratulations!!! I am due in August – looking forward to allll the pregnancy and baby content! I will tell you what my mom-to-two sister told me when we shared the news (because I am in no way qualified to give advice 🙂 “always remember to take care of yourself.” Simple but hit a nerve for me during a time when I am (happily!) giving so much of myself to another. Looking forward to following your journey as I navigate my own! XO

  13. Congratulations! I am also 16 weeks pregnant, so I am particularly excited to hear all of the details!

    How exciting for you two, I hope you are starting to feel better!

  14. So many congratulations!! I am due in August and look forward to allllll the pregnancy content! It has been such a wild ride. I will say what my mom-of-two sister said to me when I told her (because I am in no way qualified to give advice :).. “always remember to take care of yourself.” Simple but touched a nerve for me in a time when I feel like I am (happily!) giving so much of myself to another.

  15. Congratulations!! Too funny – my husband and I got married about a month after you and Will, and we are also expecting our first baby in September! It’s fun to follow someone’s journey, especially when it sort of mirrors your own — and bonus, you have awesome taste and I can’t wait to get ideas from you along the way!

  16. The MOST amazing news on a Monday morning! Congratulations to you & Will! Wishing you all the best!! xoox

  17. The MOST amazing news on a Monday morning!! Congratulations to you & Will! Wishing you all the best! xoxo

  18. What wonderful news-congratulations!! We were also dog parents first and one thing that worked great for both of ours is to have Will bring home a blanket or anything with the baby’s scent on it for your dog to check out before you and the baby come home.