Happy Friday! Today is Will’s birthday and the start of my favorite three months of the year where I get to pretend we’re two years apart instead of 15 months. Especially this year when he’s turning 31 and I get to hold on to 29 for a few more months. 😉 We’re having brunch as a family this weekend as my dad’s birthday is May 5 and my brother Grayson’s birthday is May 6… so many Tauruses in my life! It was a fun week on the blog between our gender reveal and all your super helpful baby registry tips. I hope you all have a great weekend!

design darling friday q&a

1. I recently got engaged so I’m going to have to go back to all your wedding posts for inspiration! What are your thoughts on the bride only wearing white to every wedding-related event? Is this a newer trend or older tradition? I feel like I’ve only noticed it in the past few years, but maybe I just wasn’t paying attention before, haha. Obviously I know I can wear whatever I want, but I’m wondering if now it’s strange NOT to wear white to my shower, rehearsal dinner, etc. But I also feel like I might want to just wear a cute sundress in another color to the more casual events!

Congratulations! I wore a navy gingham dress to my bridal shower and a blue striped dress to our rehearsal dinner so I definitely don’t think you have to wear white to every wedding event! The most important thing is to wear whatever makes you feel your best — whether that’s bright pink or head-to-toe sequins, it’s 100% your moment!

2. What has surprised you most about being pregnant so far?

Having hyperemesis gravidarum really threw me for a loop! My mom had zero nausea with all four pregnancies so I really hadn’t prepared myself for morning sickness let alone constant nausea and vomiting. Apparently HG affects up to just 3% of pregnancies so I always feel a special bond when other women with HG reach out and say they know what I’m going through! I know it will all be worth it when I get to hold our baby for the first time but I’d love to get lucky and experience a lot less nausea with baby #2! 

3. How are you feeling? I hope you’ve been feeling less nauseous!

Thank you for checking in! I’m taking Diclegis first thing in the morning and again at night so my nausea and vomiting are under much better control than they were in my first trimester, but I do throw up if I miss a single dose or even wait too long (talking more than 15 minutes after I wake up) to take the first pill in the morning. My friend Julia suggested acupuncture as a supplement or possible replacement to the medication so I think I’m going to give that a try next week!

4. Are you leaning towards a classic or more trendy baby name?

We will likely choose a family name (probably the first name from my family and the middle name from Will’s or vice versa) but I still LOVE looking at baby name lists and hearing what new parents name their babies! Would love to hear your favorites in the comments!

5. I know this is a broad decor question but any couches you can recommend?

I love, love, love our Pottery Barn sectional (this one in the cadet navy twill) and imagine their other models are equally comfortable (though I’m a big believer in testing them out in store before buying!). I love the look of this one and this one!

6. Would love to see spring wedding guest dress suggestions, ideally around or under $250. 

Maybe it’s just because I’m pregnant right now but I love the forgiving fit of this $100 style! If you want something more colorful, I love this bow shoulder dress, this color blocked style, and this flouncy number. And I nearly always prefer solids to prints but something about this print is giving me all the heart eyes!

7. Any initial nursery pieces you’re eyeing? I’m having a boy too!

Congratulations! I’m holding off on ordering any furniture until we know where we’ll be living but that hasn’t stopped me from browsing! I love, love, love this crib — my mother-in-law texted me a photo a couple months ago and then we went to see it in their store when we were in Dallas for Easter. It is beautiful in person, a little beachy, and just perfectly my style! We’re likely to use the bookshelf that’s in our dining room for books and stuffed animals but that’s about all I know as of now! I would love to wallpaper if we buy a home before he arrives but we’ll have to wait and see!

8. How do you decide which pieces of art will look best in your home?

Art is such a personal preference so if I really love something, I know I will always find a home for it! All our oversized pieces (mostly Slim Aarons prints) have lived in different places in each of the places we’ve lived — for instance, this print was first part of a gallery wall in Will’s New York living room, then above the credenza in our Dallas living room, then above a sofa in our first rental in Greenwich, and now hanging above our bed in our current home!

9. Could you do a round-up of your favorite coffee tables? Would love your ideas!

We have this square acrylic coffee table in our living room and I love that it offers a little contrast from the big, dark sectional. This one offers a similar look for less (we have the console version in our foyer and love!). I’m also crazy about all things Serena & Lily — you can’t go wrong with anything raffia, I love the natural texture of this one, and this woven coffee table would be perfect for a coastal abode,

10. It’s been raining so much lately! Any suggestions for waterproof bags and raincoats?

I am so over all this rain! I don’t think I own any waterproof bags — if it’s raining I reach for my LL Bean tote (classic, affordable, and virtually indestructible) or a pebbled leather tote like my favorite from Mark & Graham. I have a bright yellow Petit Bateau raincoat that’s now sold out but I also love this, this, and this (or this if you want to splurge!).


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  1. I LOVE family names! My daughter, who will be two on Sunday (all of the cliches are true- it FLIES by!), is named Caroline Patricia. Caroline is my middle name, and it was my grandmother’s first name. Patricia was my mother’s name, who passed away 6 year ago. Our boy name was all from my husband’s side- just how it worked out! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I was not diagnosed with HG, but I also lost a bunch of weight in my first trimester due to nausea and vomiting- zofran was a miracle for me. I hope you continue to feel better!