Happy Friday! Did this week drag on for anyone else? It might have been all the rain last weekend and early in the week but I have been ready for today since Monday. We have an event for our local hospital tonight and then we hop on a plane for my brother Camden’s graduation from Miami of Ohio! I’m excited to see the campus and celebrate his foray into the real world (but not before one last summer together on Nantucket!). The weather is supposed to be amazing and I think a little vitamin D would do us all good. I’m not sure any of my Q&As can top Will’s Q&A from last week but I love knowing what you guys are curious about and sharing a little more about our lives in these posts. I hope you have a great weekend!

design darling friday q&a

1. How is your Grandy? Your interview with her is one of my favorite posts!

Aww, she’s good! She keeps a more active social calendar than we do which I think is what keeps her young! And she’s very excited about becoming a great-Grandy this fall. She’ll be on Nantucket for some portion of the summer so we’re excited to spend some quality time with her out there! 

2. My wedding is two weeks away (so surreal!). Advice for the time leading up to the big day?

Congratulations! My only advice is to enjoy every moment with your soon-to-be husband, family, and friends. All the little details will fall into place (and you’ll hardly remember any that don’t!) so just savor this uninterrupted time to be with your favorite people. It’s cliché but the whole wedding will go by so quickly — make as many memories and take as many mental snapshots as you possibly can! 

3. What was your #1 priority or the biggest part of your wedding budget and was it worth it?

The biggest expense for our wedding was by far our reception venue (which included the space, food, and alcohol). The location is sentimental to us and walking distance from the chapel where we were married so it was worth every penny! 

4. What are you most looking forward to about becoming a mom?

I am so excited to meet our little guy! We had our 20 week anatomy scan this week and it was incredible to see his little arms and legs moving around in there. There are so many things I’m excited for once he gets here — soaking in all the newborn cuddles, introducing him to our family and friends, dressing him in cute and impractical outfits, seeing his personality come to life, celebrating our first Christmas with him, bringing him to Nantucket for the first time, watching him learn to crawl and walk, and about a million other little moments that will be so much more magical with him in our lives! 

5. Can you eventually see yourself moving to Nantucket year-round?

Ha, definitely not! Eventually we’d love to get to the point in both our careers where we can spend the full summer out there with our kids and extended family, especially now that my parents are both working in schools and have the summers off. We love visiting for the occasional off-season weekend but I’m not sure any of us could survive a single Nantucket winter without going stir-crazy!

6. What kind of details are you guys looking for in a home? Architecture, layout, etc.

I love traditional New England architecture — colonials, Victorians, anything with a shingled exterior! I love details like beadboard, mouldings, and wainscoting but I know we could put that in ourselves if we fell in love with a house without it. We’re fairly flexible in terms of interior layout — we’d love a kitchen that’s open to the family room like we have now, for instance, but we’d definitely be willing to budge on that if a house had everything else on our list!

7. How do you feel about different luxury bags — Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton?

I don’t love anything with a large logo so I’m probably not a Louis Vuitton girl, but I’d love to own a Chanel or Hermes bag someday! But this bag is at the top of my luxury handbag wishlist.

8. Maybe a prying question but were your parents okay with you and Will living together before marriage?

Yes, they were! I remember telling my parents Will and I were planning to move in together at the end of my lease (when we wound up moving to Dallas) and they responded, “We’d be surprised if you didn’t” and immediately went back to painting the fence at our house on Nantucket. Very underwhelming reaction! 😂 But I know that can be a big hurdle in other relationships so I feel fortunate we both had the support of our families in taking that next step.

9. Do you think Rory knows you’re pregnant?

I go back and forth! Any time he’s being extra cuddly Will insists he knows but I’ve heard of friends’ dogs who growl protectively when anyone gets near their mom’s belly and Rory is definitely not on that level. I think he’s probably in for a rude awakening but I know he’ll enjoy all the extra toys around the house!

10. I am going to Nantucket for the first time with my parents in June. They will be celebrating their anniversary and wanted to go to a nice restaurant (with me 3rd wheeling haha). Any recommendations? I was reading your Nantucket guide and wasn’t sure if The Chanticleer or Cru would be good choices? Any insight would be appreciated! 

So fun! The Chanticleer is a great parent-friendly pick as it’s upscale and generally fairly quiet. Cru has delicious food but it can be a bit of a scene unless you sit outside, so if your parents can’t stand loud noise or a rowdy bar scene, that might not be the best spot! The other place I’d look into is Topper’s at the Wauwinet — the restaurant can send their boat to pick you up in town and it’s nice to get off the beaten path a bit!


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  1. Hi MacKenzie it’s Melissa – we met at the book signing on Friday! It was so wonderful to meet you! There is a house for sale on my street come be my neighbor ☺️ Enjoy your night out and have fun at Camden’s graduation- give me the hair update lol. xxMelissa