It’s finally feeling like summer in Connecticut and I am so here for it! We have a big few months ahead and I feel super grateful to have lots of happy occasions to look forward to. I feel like the rest of my pregnancy is going to fly by and fall will be here before we know it, so I’m trying to slow down and relish these last few months of our lives before bébé!

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We’re home for the next two weekends and going to try to make a dent in packing up our house and getting ready for our move at the end of July (if all goes according to plan — please keep sending positive vibes!). I won’t be sharing any photos of our new (very old) house until after we close but we are super excited to get in there and start making it feel like home.

After that we have my friend Kelly’s wedding in D.C. and then we head to Nantucket for the first three weeks of July. To say I cannot wait is the understatement of the century! I’ve spent most of the last two summers there (and many before that!) but this is the longest stretch that Will’s ever been able to join me for and I’m beyond excited for our very close-to-home version of a babymoon. We have a couple friends planning to visit but for the most part it will just be lots of family time, getting work done in the mornings, and hopefully heading to the beach most afternoons. I’ll be at the beginning of my third trimester by the time we’re out there and I could not be more ready for a relaxed pace after a tough first trimester followed by months of house hunting. My parents finally get to be in their Nantucket house for the entire summer (my dad became a high school math teacher a few years ago and my mom transitioned from working at a clinic to being a school nurse this past year!) and my youngest brother Camden is working at Millie’s so it will be a full house with some of my favorite people. And we’re extremely fortunate to be celebrating Grandy’s 92nd birthday during our visit… So much to look forward to!

After Nantucket we’ll head back to Connecticut for a couple weeks for our closing date, doctor’s appointments, and hopefully moving into our new home in Darien. There are a ton of projects we want to tackle in the new house but we’re going to start by tearing up the old carpets and seeing what shape the hardwood floors are in underneath since that would be much harder to do once we’ve moved in. I was so surprised at how many of you have reached out about taking over the lease on our rental in Greenwich and I promise I will be in touch as soon as I have a better idea of our timing and the rent increase. Our hope is to be living in Darien by early August but we know we could be in for some surprises once we start pulling up carpet so we shall see.

We’ll head back to Nantucket in August to celebrate my 30th birthday (!) with family, have our family reunion in Rhode Island the following weekend, and then we’re staying put and getting settled in CT until my due date at the end of September! I really feel like the next few months are going to pass so quickly and I’m so grateful we get to fill them with such happy plans. It will be a much more relaxed summer than we’re used to with less entertaining and less travel than in years past but I’m really ready to take it easy and have some time to unwind before we buy a house and become parents — ahhhh!!!

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  1. Enjoy yur time on Nantucket, I am hoping to make it back there for my 67th bday in September, as well as to celebrate my retirement from Nursing.

  2. Sounds like a perfect summer! So excited for your new house, fingers crossed that all goes well with the final closing process 🙂