Happy Friday! It’s been a long week over here as I’ve started to have a seriously hard time falling and staying asleep. Even with my beloved pregnancy pillow it takes me forever to get comfortable! I’m definitely not my best self on so few hours of sleep so I apologize for the lack of new posts around here this week. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up over the weekend and have some fun stuff up for you guys next week. I hope you all have a great one!

design darling friday q&a

1. What’s your favorite lunch spot in CT?

Recently we’ve been frequenting Sweet Pea’s Baking Co. in Old Greenwich but I also love Bartaco in Stamford or Westport, Harvest on Greenwich Avenue, and Rosie in New Canaan. 

2. What would you recommend wearing to an August wedding on the Amalfi Coast?

How fun! What about something like this, this, this, or this?

3. How do you do your hair? I love how it’s mostly straight with curled ends!

Thanks! Most of the time I’m taking pictures for the blog I go get a blowout at Glam Blow in Greenwich but if I do it myself I use this hair straightening brush (my hair is naturally quite curly, especially since I haven’t been able to get a keratin treatment while pregnant!) and then curl starting below my ears (so there’s a little less volume at the top) with this 1.25” curling iron.

4. What has been bringing you joy lately?

I love this question! Feeling the baby kick, starting to daydream about decorating our future house, and counting down the days until family time on Nantucket are all bright spots in my day right now!

5. What’s your favorite genre of music or musical artist?

I love love love country music and credit Will with getting me outside my pop country comfort zone (which I still love) and exposing me to more Texas country. We’ve seen everyone from Luke Bryan to Robert Earl Keen in concert but live music is definitely something I wish we made more time for! 

6. I’m also having a semi-destination wedding and our venue is a yacht club so we are going for a classic/slightly nautical/fun and laid back while still being formal type of vibe… hopefully that makes sense! Anyway, I’m starting to look at bridesmaids’ dresses and really not feeling the typical chiffon. At first I thought I wanted something in navy but our wedding is in July so that might be too hot. I loved your seersucker bridesmaids’ dresses and was wondering if you any suggestions along those lines? I was thinking since I’m going slightly non-traditional, maybe I could even save some money by doing maxi dresses in seersucker or another material? Maybe even something like this dressed up with heeled sandals…or is that way too casual? Thank you for any input!

Congratulations! I love the dress you picked — it definitely wouldn’t have been too casual for our wedding but ours was cocktail attire, not formal. If you liked our seersucker bridesmaids’ dresses, I would definitely give A Little Something White a call and see if they’re still available! I also love this seersucker style from J.Crew.

7. How do you edit photos — Lightroom or iPhone?

I edit most of my photos on my computer in Lightroom using VSCO presets (which I’ve heard are no longer available?!). If I’m editing on the go, I use the VSCO app on my iPhone — the S3 filter is my go-to!

8. Do you have a financial advisor? If so, how/why did you pick them?

Honestly Will kind of acts as our financial advisor since he works in that world, but he also bounces ideas off our accountant from time to time which has been really helpful for everything from the mortgage approval process to streamlining our retirement savings. Our current accountant has done my tax returns since I opened my online store in 2012 and Will and I decided to continue working with him when we got married and combined our finances in 2017. In addition to offering financial advice for us as a couple, he’s been such a valuable resource for navigating finances as a small business owner over the years — I’d be happy to share his information if you’re in CT and looking for a recommendation! 


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  1. Yes to TX country 🙂 I was actually listening to George Strait today, I love his new song! Also been really into Midland lately – they’re also from Texas.