I’m always looking for fun new places and activities to add to my Nantucket guide and this is a great one! Forme Barre invited me, my mom, and my cousin Emily to experience their barre bus at Nobadeer Beach and it was such a blast. Not only was it a killer workout (especially at 29 weeks pregnant!) but I simply cannot think of a more gorgeous place to get in a little exercise. You start the class on beach towels layered over yoga mats and finish on the bus which is outfitted with a barre on each side and exercise balls for each participant. They offer 45-minute classes daily at 8:30 and 9:30 — highly recommend incorporating a class into your next girls’ weekend or bachelorette party on the island!

nantucket barre bus class 2

nantucket barre bus class 3

nantucket barre bus class 1

P.S. In a similar vein, stand up paddleboard yoga on Nantucket.


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  1. You Guys are fun-loving. I do Barre at the studio and sometimes at home. But I never thought of doing barre at the beach.
    I liked the concept. And thinking, I will also do it with my friends. 😄

  2. I’m so impressed you could do a barre class at all let alone outdoors on the beach. I can barely get my 27 week pregnant self up a flight of subway steps. You go girl!