After an exhaustive search for the perfect maternity jeans, I decided to keep it simple for shorts and order this under $30 white denim pair. I’ve mostly been living in dresses during this summer pregnancy (examples here, here, here and here) but it’s nice to have a pair of shorts in the mix. Here I’m wearing them with this striped cashmere sweater but with the recent heat wave on the east coast, I’ll be sticking to these striped tees for a while instead!

design darling nantucket lightship basket and kule sophie sweater

design darling nantucket stubbs and wootton and lightship basket

design darling nantucket lightship basket kule sophie sweater

design darling nantucket stubbs and wootton with lighthouses

design darling white denim maternity shorts

Kule striped sweater  //  Old Navy white denim maternity shorts (sized up to a 4 for a looser fit)

Celine sunglasses (similar)  // Nantucket lightship basket (similar here and here)

Stubbs & Wootton bespoke Nantucket slippers (use code DESIGN DARLING for 20% off your order)


P.S. Wearing a dress by the same brand in this post. Crazy to see how much my bump has grown since then!

P.P.S. My favorite maternity denim brand.

P.P.P.S. Getting a little ahead of myself but does anyone have a favorite nursing bra or any other postpartum wardrobe essentials? I like the look of some of these but would love your two cents!

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  1. Definitely a good idea to be thinking ahead to postpartum! I underestimated the value of having pieces you can pump and nurse in, like rumina tanks and bras. Wearing them overnight makes it easier to pump after feeding in the am to build a bottle stash. Tanks in general also provide an extra layer which is helpful. I also tried a new nursing line, Uplifties, that has held up well.

  2. I am about three weeks postpartum and have been living in high waisted running shorts (I had a c-section and anything low irritates my incision) and nursing tanks (I got most of mine from Old Navy and Target). When I have had to wear actual clothes, I’ve been loving this Auden nursing bra from Target: https://www.target.com/p/women-s-nursing-seamless-bra-auden-153/-/A-54236901?preselect=54173406#lnk=sametab – it’s super comfortable and looks good under thicker strapped tank tops, dresses, and tees. They also have great nursing bras for sleeping, which are definitely necessary. They’re super reasonable which is awesome for stocking up. I find that I am washing them far more often than regular bras because postpartum sweating is no joke! Sorry if that is TMI, but no one warned me about it and I wish they had! All those hormones plus a heat wave = 😳. Hope that is helpful!

  3. For nursing bras, I’d order a couple from somewhere with a great return policy, so that you can test out what works best, and send back what doesn’t. Everyone’s needs are so different in this arena, but I used the Freya underwire on Nordstrom, and am planning to use again in a couple months. That’s a non-maternity brand I wear too though, so I wasn’t surprised that was my best option. (A lot of my friends who don’t need as much support just lived in the Target nursing tanks the first couple weeks when it feels like you’re nursing round the clock, and they are great too – I do have a couple I wore as PJs.)