It’s hard to believe we’re a little over a month out from meeting our baby boy! I’ve been in full on house mode over the past three weeks and I know at some point I’m going to have to switch gears and get into full on baby mode. (My mom pointed out yesterday that most moms-to-be have a different idea of nesting than painting half the rooms in their house…) My friend Ali and cousin Emily are generously throwing us a Connecticut baby shower this weekend and I’m hoping that will give me a better idea of everything we need to purchase and prep in these remaining ~6 weeks!

Here are a few of the things that are top of mind but I’d love to hear from any other moms-to-be about tasks I might be forgetting (it’s safe to say my brain is a little all over the place these days). 

design darling third trimester to do list

shirt (wearing size S)  //  jeans (more maternity jeans here)  //  sandals

1. Install and paint beadboard and chair rail and hang wallpaper in nursery — my dad is working on the first two this week but we’re still waiting for the wallpaper to arrive. Nothing like a photo finish! 😬

2. Assemble the crib — we’ve decided it will be easier to do the beadboard and wallpaper without a ton of furniture to maneuver around, so this is still in boxes for the time being.

3. Receive changer and glider for nursery — these are scheduled to arrive the first or second week of September. 

4. Order additional clothing to fill in gaps of what we’ve received from family and friends — any favorite brands that should be on my radar?

5. Order essentials like diapers first aid items and organize around the house —I think this is a more normal form of nesting?!

6. Order nursing-friendly bras and tops — any recommendations?

7. Wash and put away clothes and blankets.

8. Research breast pumps — I believe we can get one that’s covered by insurance and I always procrastinate tasks that involve calling them. 🙈

9. Take breastfeeding class and infant CPR class — so far we’ve taken classes on infant care and childbirth preparation and have both of these scheduled for early September.

10. Assemble the stroller.

11. Install the car seat.

12. Pack my hospital bag.

13. Clean this entire house top to bottom — I have a feeling there will be some midnight Swiffering sessions going down in my 39th week!

I can’t wait for the nursery to come together so I can start getting organized in there and photograph it to share with all of you! I know we’ll get as much done as we possibly can (some days it really feels like we’re making superhuman progress at the house!) but it is a little scary to think how fast these final weeks will fly by. Fingers crossed he stays put right up until 40 weeks! 🙂

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  1. Definitely use aeroflow for a pump – I also recommend the Spectra S1. I would pump while I washed dishes and cooked dinner!

    I recommend getting the clip down nursing tanks. You likely won’t want to wear a bra around the house at the beginning. I liked the bras from dairy fairy that you could use for nursing or pumping.

    Jammies are essential for the first 3 or so months. They’re so comfy and easy.

    I loved keeping an ikea utility cart downstairs with diapers, wipes, diaper cream, a portable changing pad, burp cloths and spare clothes. You won’t have the energy to run upstairs to the changing table every single time you change a diaper!

  2. Considered posting your registry for your readers? Could be a really fun way to celebrate with you! A blog baby shower!

  3. I agree with the recommendations to use Aeroflow to get a pump through insurance! All I had to do was fill out my information and a few weeks later it arrived in the mail – SO easy!

    I’m due a week after you with my little boy and my favorite places to shop for him so far have been Mini Boden and Hanna Anderson. H&M and Target also are great for stocking up on basics, as well as nursing bras and tanks. I’m personally trying out a few wireless styles from Target’s new brand Auden and they’re super comfortable.

    I’ve been getting the recommendation a lot to meal prep so that we have things to whip out of the freezer easily for dinners once the baby’s arrived.

    Good luck with all things house and baby prep these last few weeks!

  4. Best of luck, Mackenzie! This may seem like a silly tip, but if you remember to, throw a pack of baby wipes into your hospital bag. The hospital will often provide thick dry wipes to clean the baby, both for bath and diapering, but when you have a messy diaper, it’s nice to have regular diaper wipes instead of having to go to the sink, wet the dry hospital wipes, go back to the baby, clean him up, etc…

    Also, Kissy Kissy convertible baby gowns were my favorite during the newborn stage and last for many months (

    There may come a point where snaps drive you nuts and you’ll welcome Hanna Andersson zipped pajamas. One-piece with feet, were my favorite for my babies (!

  5. Hi Mackenzie!

    You still look adorable, of course. I am so excited that you are almost there! Our kids are 16 and 19 now, and my husband still says that he has never been more irritated (or HOT!)! than when he was installing the newborn car seats. We had summer babies too, so I would suggest you pick a nice and cool-or relatively cool-evening for Will to do that. And make sure you have somewhere to go quickly to hide and laugh! Good times!

    Also- our maternity nurse told us to take everything out of our room home with us that wasn’t nailed down! They will just throw it away, and there are a lot of things you’ll need. We didn’t take it all, but it ensured we did not forget our tiny hat or the nasal suction thingy. And we dressed our second baby for her picture with just the top (cardigan) OVER her gown when the photographer came by. They always surprise you, and they only show the baby’s top half in the hospital picture! I know you cannot wait to see him! Neither can we!!!!

    Hang in there.Just a few more weeks to go! 😊

  6. Favorite baby clothes brands: baby boden, Zara, massionette, pehr. Of course Polo has adorable boy stuff, I buy the shortie rompers for my friends boys (I have a 3 mo old daughter). Childrensalon is a great website with all the designer brands.

  7. I’m about 5 months along and I’m finding the comments to your post so helpful! A friend of mine just interviewed the CEO of Frida Baby for Good Housekeeping and she gifted me their brand new line of postpartum recovery products for mothers. This is a brand new product line for the most part so none of my mom friends had access to these products and they are all telling me they would have loved having it in the hospital and after at home. I can’t say I’m “excited” to use it, but it certainly makes me feel more prepared! Here’s the article talking about it if you’re interested:

  8. Best wishes on your final weeks of pregnancy! I was intimidated to order a pump from insurance also, but it ended up being fairly simple – the insurance company gave me the names of a couple of medical supply companies, so I called the first one and was able to order a pump quickly. Easiest interaction with my insurance company ever!

    As for baby clothes – my son was in newborn until he was over a month old, so I ordered a few pairs of footie pajamas from Hanna Anderson as soon as we got home from the hospital. He also wore a ton of basic Carter’s white t-shirt onesies during the early days. I hadn’t bought almost any newborn size, but he was on the smaller side and ended up needing them for a month. That’s not long, but when you’re looking at 4 outfit changes a day, it was worth having them on hand.

  9. Wait, doing extensive remodeling projects on your house isn’t normal nesting? 😉 I’m due in 6 weeks and we’re definitely finishing up some remodeling around here…and all of the stuff for our nursery is still in boxes. I had two friends give me gift baskets of their favorite first aid and basis baby care items–one of them has 4 kids so I think she knows her stuff. Will have to go find them again, there were items in there that I’d not thought of at all or really even heard of either. Will definitely be curious what clothing you find for your little boy and what others suggest too!

  10. It took me months to find but the Bravado Invisible nursing bra has been my absolute favorite! I used some from Destination Maternity at first and they just don’t compare to the Bravado! One thing that’s nice is it comes in sizes like small, med, large instead of normal bra sizes so it is easier to buy ahead of time because it isn’t cup size specific. I also love the Gap nursing nightgowns, I took those to the hospital and wear at night for easier night nursing.
    We also really just kept her in zipper or snap footed jammies in the first couple weeks unless there was something special going on to put a real outfit on. We loved Angel Dear brand, so soft!

  11. Be sure you have your pump and all the parts before baby comes! Sometimes it takes a few days/weeks to get breastfeeding down and in that case you would need the pump ready to go at home right away. I don’t know how long the insurance stuff takes, so I’d get started on that right away!

  12. Magnetic Me baby clothes are fantastic for wiggly babies who need to be changed frequently. Onsies with snaps in the middle of the night are frustrating, zippers are ok.
    I’ve been following along ,my daughter is due with a boy in early November. Been getting lots of good ideas from you and your followers.
    Can’t wait to ‘meet’ your little boy. He’s going to be the best dressed baby.
    Don’t overdo it, and take the advice about hiring someone to clean.

  13. For your additional clothing question — I received and LOVED these footed pants ( My baby is 4 months old and these are some of his most-used clothes so far. They’re very easy to go on, and you don’t have to deal with socks (ohmygod, baby socks. the worst.) but still keep his toesies warm! Definitely a recommendation I’ve given to lots of expecting mothers so far!
    Also my favorite nursing bra is the Simple Wishes one ( and I have three of these tie-front shirts that are super easy to nurse in ( as well as this nursing sweater that is super cozy (


  14. If you have to leave something out because ypur’re so busy with the house and getting ready for the baby, I would suggest mixing the breastfeeding class. The nurses in the hospital are so helpful with that and really guide you to get the hang of it before you go home. My babies latched on and nursed like champs from the get go but if a baby isn’t getting the hang of it the only thing you can do is keep trying until they get the sucking motion down. I can’t wait to see your beautiful nursery!!!

  15. I recommend making sure you pick up some of the things you don’t think to buy until it’s the middle of the night and you’re desperate, like a Nose Frieda or bulb syringe (to suck out snot), infant Tylenol, a trustworthy thermometer, baby sunscreen, stain remover.

    Also, one of the best pieces of advice I got from my mom was to double cover the crib or Pack ‘n Play (wherever your baby is sleeping), so do a mattress cover and a sheet, then do ANOTHER mattress cover and sheet over that. Then, when there is inevitably a blowout or something in the middle of the night, all you have to do is strip off the top layer rather than rush around like crazy trying to get another one one.

    Best of luck!

  16. This is so exciting. I hope you love the Vista + Mesa; we definitely did. I must have put 1,000 + miles on that stroller, walking the neighborhood, and it’s still in great shape for Baby 2, due just after yours. I love Burt’s Bees clothes for just everyday, 3 outfit-changes required in the beginning, home life, so soft. And Under Armour’s Eclipse sports bra is one of my faves for the early nursing days – it zips in the front, so super easy to be in and out of often and quickly. I am just about to order some new ones for myself.

  17. You really won’t need to fill in gaps for clothing – you really only need onesies and sleepers (maybe a few pants with the onesies) for the first few months. You’ll also want to continually buy clothing as you see it, so don’t feel like you need a fully set-up closet for your little man.

    I highly recommend a silicone manual pump such as the Haaka or NatureBond – they are awesome for those first weeks while your milk supply is regulating. You can put it on the side you’re not using while nursing, and it will collect all the milk that would otherwise end up in a breast pad or a towel. They can also be used to pump when not feeding (really great when you just need to relieve some pressure and not do a full pumping session). This isn’t in place of an electric pump, just a complement to it (they’re super inexpensive).

    Some other things you might want to add to your to-do list: prepare freezer meals or snacks, stock up house supplies (toilet paper, paper towel, laundry detergent and stain remover, cleaners, toiletries, etc.) so that you won’t run out in those first few days and weeks home with baby, organizing and re-organizing all the things (just my version of nesting?), and relaxing!

  18. For clothes, just get a bunch of Carter’s onesies/jammies. Babies grow out of things SO FAST that there’s not much point in buying a bunch of different outfits. Pick a couple of cute ‘looks’ and stick with basics otherwise.

  19. Hire a cleaning service to do a thorough cleaning of your house…particularly with all the work you have been doing…you will find it money well spent…of course check the products they use harsh ones..or give them your own. you might want to employ them after the baby is born as well…it will be a relief not to have to think about cleaning, something that is easily handled by someone else,,,.enjoy these last few nesting weeks…from a very old fellow Bucknell grad , mother of a pediatrician and grandmother of six….wishing you all the best


  20. I highly recommend getting your breast pump through Aeroflow! They do all of the legwork for you with your insurance company. You literally type in your insurance and it displays which ones are covered, you choose, and they submit all the paperwork. So easy.

    Expecting my first a few weeks after you and it has been so fun to follow along. Best of luck with all of your final to-dos!

  21. I’d highly recommend using – they made the process of getting a pump through my insurance insanely easy and their customer support was helpful in picking out the right pump for me (the Spectra S1 served me well for 12 months!). They even reached out later on when I was eligible for new pump parts through insurance. Good luck with everything, such an exciting time!

  22. Exciting time!
    Mom of 3 here. The advice I give new moms when they ask:
    Breastfeeding stuff:
    -Love the Spectra pump. Medela has a good pumping bra, breastmilk removal soap, cleaning bag for parts, etc.
    -Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags are the best.. I’ve tried them all and these are the least likely to leak.
    -Nursing clothes—Gap nursing tops, Boob and Yummie Tummie tanks.

    -Get a Boppy newborn lounger. My babies basically lived in these until they could roll over.

    -The sweetest and softest baby clothes I’ve found are Kissy Kissy, Bella Bliss, and Little English.

    -I kept a changing pad and a diaper caddy with diaper/first aid stuff downstairs so I wasn’t always running upstairs when they needed a change. I also always wanted an aspirator nearby just in case.

    -Probably TMI, but this was a MUST for me…buy Depends underwear for postpartum. The mesh undies they give you in the hospital are awful. Depends are much more secure and you can stick a pad in there.

  23. The breast-pump thing was hard for me to figure out. I have way more experience with that than I intended. I’ve tried Spectra and Medela pumps. Medela was my favorite. Plus, you can buy Medela parts anywhere if you’re in a pinch. I ended up renting a hospital-grade one after buying a Spectra pump with my insurance. If I could do it again, I’d also purchase something cordless like a Willow pump for times when I want to be mobile. Good luck!

  24. Seamless clip-down nursing bras from motherhood maternity are my favorite. I ordered (and returned) a bunch of other bras because they weren’t nearly as comfortable and “normal”. I also ordered several white nursing tank tops to wear under tee shirts — that way when you lift your shirt up, your stomach is covered. Other than that, I just wear button up shirts. Good luck!

  25. 4. For baby clothes, stick with one-piece items, preferably with snaps or zippers. Babies are too wiggly to wear separates. Also, the zippers make middle-of-the-night diaper changes much easier. I like Baby Boden and Hanna Andersson.

    5. Don’t stock up on too many newborn size diapers. Most hospitals will send you home with a few packs and your baby will likely grow into size 1 fairly quickly.

    6. My favorite nursing bras were from Cake (sold at Nordstrom) and H&M. For tops, I didn’t invest in that many nursing-specific pieces. A few nursing tanks are nice to layer under button-down shirts.

    8. I highly recommend the Spectra S1 breast pump. It’s quiet, efficient, and has a rechargeable batter so you aren’t tethered to a plug while you pump. Also, the website Aeroflow is a great place to order your pump. They will handle the insurance claim for you.

    I’m excited for you – I had my first baby two years ago and I’m expecting my second any day now!

  26. I am only 5 days in but Bravado nursing bras are my most comfortable, and the H&M 3 pack are a super affordable option for stocking up — they are pretty comfortable too!

  27. You are almost there!

    Two suggestions:
    (1) Don’t order your nursing bras. You need a proper fitting for this. Leave it for late in week 38 or early in week 39. (Head’s up — you will be convinced that what you buy is too big. It won’t be when you start lactating.) I would find a reputable store in your area that specializes in fitting these. It is much harder than shopping for your usual lingerie.
    (2) Hire someone to do a thorough cleaning of the house for you in week 39. You won’t want to bend over or try to manuever around your little guy who is now putting on a 1 lb. ever week right now.

  28. I never comment on blogs but I couldn’t help but chime in on the pump research! I had my first 4 months the ago and cannot stress how vital a battery-charged pump has been for me (I have the Spectra S1 but I’m sure there are many similar options). Our insurance gave us a weird brand and I decided to buy a different one on Amazon after 2 days of pumping (I ultimately had to exclusively pump). You can bring it anywhere because it doesn’t have to stay plugged in or use a separate battery pack…I’ve carried it around like a briefcase to do emergency pacifier replacement and the like. And request the lactation nurse right away, it was HOURS before they got to my room and the BF class, in retrospect, was not that helpful when I had a real baby ready to eat and I was basically delirious from the delivery haha!
    Good luck!

    1. Hire a cleaning service to do a thorough cleaning of your house…particularly with all the work you have been doing…you will find it money well spent…of course check the products they use harsh ones..or give them your own. you might want to employ them after the baby is born as well…it will be a relief not to have to think about cleaning, something that is easily handled by someone else,,,.enjoy these last few nesting weeks…from a very old fellow Bucknell grad , mother of a pediatrician and grandmother of six….wishing you all the best


      1. We had a baby two weeks ago! I’d recommend setting up a nursing and diaper station on each floor with a tray table, water bottle with straw, one-handed snacks, wipes, diaper, and one outfit change. For clothes, we have a million onesies and pants but only rotate through his 5 footed sleepers with zippers. For yourself, buy 3 of the Gap nursing nightgowns and bring at least one to the hospital. They’re cute enough to wear in front of non-immediate family, enough support you don’t need a bra too, and make you feel like you’re dressed. Also buy a few pairs of Gap high waisted Pure Love black underwear— no seams, super comfy!