I finally took pictures of all the finishing touches on our first round of house projects and I’m so relieved we got just about everything wrapped up before bébé! Honestly I’ve lost a bit of steam in these final couple weeks of my pregnancy so I’m super grateful to Will and my parents for helping me get these projects across the finish line before my due date. I’m really proud of everything we’ve accomplished in our first two months here and feel pretty great about the place we’ll be bringing our little one home to!

design darling library progress annie selke grasscloth wallpaper

The biggest change since my last progress update is that we got the wallpaper up in the library and moved in all of Will’s books. This is the first time we’ve properly unpacked his entire book collection in all the four houses we’ve lived in together and he was just about the happiest I’ve ever seen him staring at his newly outfitted floor-to-ceiling shelves. I finally feel like he has the office he deserves! 

design darling library progress wingback chair

We went with this Annie Selke grasscloth wallpaper and as pretty as it looked in its packaging, I fell head over heels in love with it the second I saw it on the walls. It adds the most beautiful texture to the room and the color really pops against the high gloss white trim. I’m so glad we ordered enough to apply it to the backs of the bookshelves as well — they’re admittedly mostly covered by my husband’s books but it’s a little detail that makes them look more finished to me!

We still have lots of decorating to do in here… We painted the desk in the same color as the trim because it arrived looking more taupe than off-white. Next I’m going to have more neutral cushions made for the chesterfield sofa (which was a Craigslist score when we lived in New York) and have the wingback chair restuffed and reupholstered — I plan to keep the color palette all tan and white in here minus the 3,801,920 books of course. 🙂

design darling master bedroom progress

design darling master bedroom serena and lily blake raffia dresser

monogrammed bedding  //  striped bedding  //  coral mirror  //  raffia dresser

We also moved into our master bedroom last week after camping out in one of the smaller bedrooms during construction. If you’re just joining now, we removed a closet and moved back a wall in there in order to accommodate a king bed and I can’t tell you how big of a difference those ~60 extra square feet made in here. You can see how the room looked when we closed in this post and see progress photos in this post. We are absolutely elated with how well our furniture fits in here now and while it will definitely be a while until we’re ready to decorate, it’s so nice to have our clothes out of boxes and not feel like we’re living on top of each other anymore! 

design darling nursery progress

design darling nursery glider

design darling nursery bookshelves

crib  //  bookshelf (old from Wisteria, similar here and here)  //  changer  //  mirror

diaper pail  //  side table  //  glider chair  //  Nantucket pillow  //  diamond jute rug

wallpaper  //  beadboard  //  chair rail  //  white paint color

And last but definitely not least, the most finished room in our house: baby boy’s nursery! This is such a happy little space and I love sitting in here and imagining what it will feel like once he’s finally here. Since my last update in here, the changer/dresser arrived, the rug arrived, the closet got lucite rods and freshly painted shelves, and we hung the mirror and secured the bookshelf to the wall. I’m still waiting on a few finishing touches (including a roman shade that will match the wallpaper 😍) before I shoot a full blog post, but I’ve linked all the key pieces above for those of you who have asked questions on Instagram!  

I’m sincerely hoping this baby makes his debut before I have time to take on any more house projects but I’ll still have a lot of plans to share over the next few months as we plan to take on our kitchen and powder room early next year. I’ve met with an architect and an engineer about our goals and ideas for the space and I’m super excited to see what plans they draw up in the next few weeks. I swear we have enough projects in this house for me to write about for the next ten years and it’s been so fun to document everything we tackled in this first round! It’s seriously crazy to look back at the before pictures and see where we are now: seven rooms painted, two rooms wallpapered, carpets removed and floors refinished in nearly every room, and walls removed and rebuilt in the master bedroom. Now we’re just waiting on the pièce de résistance: our baby boy!

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  1. Love that wall paper (in both rooms)!

    Can I ask about the rug size in the nursery? I noticed your rug covers most of the floor. Is there a reason you didn’t get a smaller one so more of the wooden floors are showing? I never know which size rug to get for different rooms! Ta!

    1. I probably should have ordered the next size down! It goes from wall to wall in one direction and then there’s about a foot of wood floor showing on either side in the opposite direction. The floors in this room are a little uneven so the rug really helps the furniture feel more secure (though we still secured the bookcase to the wall).

  2. Mackenzie, WOW! I think Will and your parents and brother have done an amazing job in such a short period of time. I love the baby’s room…..adorable. Will’s office is handsome and the wall paper behind the books does add so much to make the room cohesive. Just having that wall removed and changed and all the painting. Congratulations…now when you bring that little bundle home you can focus on him. So happy for Will and you!

  3. Love how the plaid tartan cushions match up again the leather sofa. I worked for a home decor store called Nell Hills and they were know for pairing together different patterns/materials together.

  4. Ah, Mackenzi!! This has been SO fun to follow along with and I literally had butterflies in my stomach when I scrolled down to see the baby’s nursery. So excited for ya’ll and thank you so much for sharing.