You can browse our baby registry in its entirety here, but I wanted to share our favorite baby items for Teddy so far. I don’t think we’ve come across any products that Teddy really doesn’t like yet, but all of these get particularly enthusiastic rave reviews from me and Will. 

nanit plus baby monitor floor stand review design darling

1. Nanit Plus baby monitor

Will and I are obsessed with this thing, hence its spot at the top of the list. We have the floor stand version because I wanted it to be portable and didn’t want to nail the wall version into the newly wallpapered nursery. The camera gives us a perfect aerial view of his bassinet (and eventually his crib) and syncs to an app on both of our phones where we can access a live view, an insights tab with all the times he went to bed and woke up, and saved video clips of every time he falls asleep, wakes up, or is attended to by one of us. The live view shows a temperature reading of the room (very helpful in our very old house) and we use the insights tab to keep track of the exact time I last breastfed him (usually immediately after removing him from his bassinet). The app also generates an update every morning with how long he was in his bassinet, how much of that time he was actually asleep, and how many times we visited him — if you like data, this is the baby monitor for you. The one downside is it’s completely reliant on wifi, so we should probably get a handheld backup to use if we ever lose power (any recs?).

halo sleepsack newborn review design darling

2. Halo sleepsack

Teddy resists being swaddled just about every night but he sleeps infinitely better once his flailing arms aren’t constantly waking him up. We brought a couple of these to the hospital because the velcro closure makes them so much easier to use than swaddle blankets and we’ve since ordered a couple more to have on hand when the others are in the wash. Seriously I don’t know how parents get any sleep without these.

uppababy vista stroller review

3. UPPAbaby Vista stroller

We’ve been taking Teddy on afternoon strolls around the neighborhood and I’m convinced there’s nothing this stroller can’t handle. I swear the more uneven the terrain, the faster Teddy falls asleep! We’ll definitely buy a more compact travel stroller the first time we travel with him, but for everyday use we’ve found the Vista exactly as good as everyone says it is. 

uppababy mesa review

4. UPPAbaby Mesa carseat

Knock on wood but Teddy occasionally fusses for a minute after we put him in his carseat and promptly falls asleep the second the car is in drive. I’m sure that won’t last forever but it’s made our first few trips to the pediatrician a breeze! 

babybjorn bouncer bliss review

5. Babybjorn bouncer

We haven’t used this a ton yet but it’s been a godsend when I need to put Teddy down to grab a bite to eat or take a shower. I think as he gets a little older he’ll catch on that he can make it bounce by kicking his legs, but for now it’s nice just to have a spot where I know he’s safe if I need to turn my back for a minute. 

oxo tot wipes dispenser review

6. OXO Tot wipes dispenser

I’m all for anything that makes diaper changes a tiny bit easier and this weighted wipe dispenser means I can grab a wipe with one hand while holding Teddy with the other. Cheap, simple, and kind of genius.

comotomo baby bottle review

7. Comotomo 5 ounce baby bottles

We’re feeding Teddy every three hours around the clock and recently I started pumping during the first middle-of-the-night feed while Will gives him a bottle. We’ve had zero issues with nipple confusion so far so I’m calling these bottles a big success! 

spectra s1 plus breast pump review

8. Spectra S1 Plus breast pump

While we’re on the subject, so many of you recommended this breast pump and I have zero complaints so far. It’s easy to set up, easy to clean, efficient, and can either be left plugged in or charged for portability. I ordered mine through Aeroflow where our insurance covered ~$60 of the cost.

angelcare infant bath tub review

9. Angelcare infant bath tub

I will never forget giving Teddy his first bath and watching his face light up the second he settled into this tub in our kitchen sink. He is genuinely so happy in the water and giving him a bath is now the highlight of my night! We use this baby shampoo and this rinser cup and the whole routine makes him so relaxed. 

lovevery play gym review

10. Lovevery play gym

We’ve started incorporating 15-30 minutes of playtime after all his daytime feeds and while Teddy’s too young to really appreciate all the bells and whistles of this play mat, he loves staring at himself in the (unbreakable) mirror when we place him down for tummy time. He’s started turning his head from side to side to face me or Will and it’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I also appreciate that this is one of the more attractive play mats I’ve seen — it’s not so loud that I want to hide it when people come over (I know that will eventually be a losing battle but we’ll hold off as long as we can!).

What were/are some of your favorite baby items for newborns? We are all ears! 

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  1. Hello! I see you have the nanit at the end of the crib instead of centered. Have you had any issues with the monitor in this position? Everywhere I look it states it needs to be centered along the back of the crib and I am trying to figure out if positioned at the end of the crib still allows for use of the breathing and analytics functions.

    1. Hi! We don’t use the Nanit’s breathing functionality but it works perfectly in this position for sleep analytics. I didn’t want to put holes in our wallpaper which is why we went with the floor mount, but we would have centered it against the wall instead of behind the shorter end of the crib if it hadn’t worked properly 🙂

  2. Hi Mackenzie! I came across your beautiful nursery as I was Googling to see pics of the Nanit floor stand in a nursery. I saw that you put yours on the side of your crib instead of against the wall. I also want to do this in my nursery because I’m planning on artwork on the wall where the crib will be. Have you had any issues with the floor stand leaning into the crib and/or how did you secure it? I see the floor stand recommends securing it to the wall, but obviously looking to avoid that. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi! Ours is not secured to the wall as the floor stand is very sturdy and ours is in a corner between the crib and a bookshelf so it’d be pretty hard to knock over. I didn’t want to make any holes in the new wallpaper so this worked well for us!

  3. Hi Mackenzie, it might be too soon to know if you haven’t been venturing out a ton yet, but have you been happy with your decision to use the LL Bean tote as a diaper bag? I am considering a similar option for my baby due next month and was wondering if you had any feedback!

    1. We’ve really only brought it to the pediatrician and the park so far but I love it! We have the medium size and I can see a case for getting the large, but it still fits all the essentials without any kind of organizer. So far, so good!

  4. My babies are now 13 and 11 and it’s amazing to see how much cooler stuff has gotten! Also, congrats—Teddy is lovely!

  5. We love a lot of these too! For the Lovevery playmat, we got a pack of simple plastic rings for babies and use them to hang from the gym, connect the ball and bell, etc…it’s been a surprising hit with our little guy and a way to make the playmat a little more interesting if your baby spends a lot of time playing on it! There are endless combinations you can make with inexpensive plastic rings…who knew 🙂

  6. Congrats on your little boy! I have used almost every one of these for my daughter. Loved them all! That chair was the best thing we ever bought. She loved kicking in it and when I needed to put her down it was amazing and safe!! She also loved watching baby Einstein in it. Amazon prime! Only six episodes but the music is so relaxing and it’s all learning based for when teddy gets older and you just need to shower 🤦🏻‍♀️ .

  7. If you have the toy bar for the bjorn bouncer, you can tie a string or ribbon to the part where it attaches, and rock him by pulling it! We have the infant optics non WiFi monitor and have liked it. If teddy is anything like my little guy, he’s going to outgrow the angel baby bath pretty quickly. We started using the fisher price 3 in 1 tub in the shower, and it worked till about 10 months. You’re doing a great job; I know how draining these first weeks are!