Happy Halloween! To be honest I haven’t historically been the biggest fan of Halloween, but I have a feeling having kids will make it a lot more fun in the years to come! (Maybe it’s a decorating thing? Pumpkins are great but I could do without the cobwebs and skeletons… does that make me a total killjoy?) Of course Teddy’s too little to go trick-or-treating this year but I couldn’t resist this cute puppy costume so he could twin with Rory. Thankfully Will’s mom decorated our porch with lots of pretty mums and pumpkins on her last visit and stocked us with plenty of candy so we’re ready for all the neighborhood kiddos (and hoping our own kiddo sleeps through most of it!). Whatever your plans, I’m wishing you all a fun and safe night!

design darling teddy puppy halloween costume

Are you a fan of Halloween or not so much? And is anyone dressing up as anything fun? Do tell!

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  1. Ha, fellow Halloween non-fan here. Also in the Midwest and the weather is HORRIBLE. We can think of one year in the last 10 when it wasn’t freezing and/or raining. And we didn’t celebrate for most of my childhood so I’m not nostalgic about Halloween and I don’t really get how it’s some people’s favorite holiday. But our two year old daughter went trick or treating for the first time this year and it was super cute 🙂

  2. I am a proud Halloween grinch. I live in the Midwest so it’s often cold or rainy (it’s currently pouring rain) so costumes are covered with coats. There’s so much pressure on having the perfect costume (again, that are often covered up.) And my lack of self control means that I overeat candy during October.

    Bring on the holiday lattés in Starbucks red cups!