Happy Friday! Keeping it short and sweet as both Will and my brother Camden are working from home today (Cam is living with us until he moves into New York!) and I’m hoping to get a little catch-up work done this morning before we head out on a family walk with Teddy this afternoon. I’ve always looked forward to weekends after spending weekdays working from home on my own, but I look forward to them even more now that it means Will gets quality time with Teddy (and so we can tag team diaper changes, let’s be honest!). Maybe I’ll get restless at some point and start wanting to plan weekends out of town again, but for now I’m kind of living for these low-key weekends at home doing lots of snuggling and figuring out our rhythm as a family of three (four with Rory!). I hope you all have a great one!

design darling friday q&a

1. My husband and I are heading to NYC for the night for our first anniversary — any suggestions on things to do and places to eat for such a quick trip? 

Happy anniversary! I’m way overdue in updating my New York recommendations (and trying out your recommendations on this post!), but you can’t go wrong with Palma for cozy Italian in their covered garden or Polo Bar for a festive only-in-New-York moment. Ice skating in Central Park or at Rockefeller Center is a fun Christmas-y activity and then I would get tickets to a show! We saw Come From Away as a family last year and it majorly surpassed my expectations — so, so good. 

2. What’s been your favorite part of motherhood so far?

I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one thing! It’s already been completely life-changing in the best way possible. I don’t know how quite to describe it, but I suppose I feel a much greater sense of purpose than I ever have before. I’ve said this before but the love I feel for him is so overwhelming and there’s nothing I wouldn’t sacrifice to know that’s he’s happy, healthy, and safe. I don’t know if that makes any sense — I guess I need more time (or more sleep? ha!) to reflect on it!

3. What resources have you found most helpful when you have a question concerning Teddy?

This is a great question and one I wish I had a better answer for! I’ve definitely been down my fair share of rabbit holes on the internet trying to sift through pages of conflicting advice. During pregnancy, I used The Bump app on my phone for updates about his weekly development, but honestly I found myself spending more time reading articles there than I probably needed to be (go for the fruit comparisons, leave before you’re sucked into guilt-inducing to do lists!). Now that Teddy’s here, I’m really trying to save my questions for our pediatrician, my mom (who in addition to raising four kids is a registered nurse), and girlfriends who have babies a little bit older than Teddy. Will also read and highly recommends Crib Sheet, which sets the record straight on a lot of hot button topics. (Incidentally I might be the only mom who couldn’t get through the author’s first book, but Will identifies much more with her economist approach and Crib Sheet helped us both feel better about giving Teddy a pacifier and Will feeding Teddy a bottle of pumped breast milk for his first nighttime feed). I’d love to hear anyone else’s favorite resources in the comments!

4. Favorite trait of Teddy’s?

I feel like we’re only just starting to see bits of his personality coming through at five weeks, but I will say his facial expressions kill me! He is so expressive for such a tiny person and my heart can’t take it. There’s his scrunched up nose when he’s starting to get hungry, the puckered lips and raised eyebrows when he’s finished breastfeeding, the look of determination when he wants to turn his head during tummy time, the look of total relaxation when we first put him in the tub… I am constantly taking mental (and real) snapshots so I don’t forget a single one! 

5. Favorite baby clothes brands so far? We have an 18-week-old boy and love Feather Baby.

I hadn’t heard of that one! So far I love Beaufort Bonnet Company, Kissy Kissy, Petit Bateau, Ralph Lauren, Sammy + Nat, and inexpensive Gerber onesies that aren’t too precious to be covered in spit up. I don’t feel like I’ve totally gotten the hang of baby sizing yet (it seems so all over the place from brand to brand?!) but I’ve bookmarked a few things to order this winter from Jacadi, Janie and Jack, and Maisonette. Again I’d love to hear your go-to baby brands in the comments! 

6. How many outfits do you need for a 0-3 month old?

Similar to the above, I’m still figuring this out! I would love to have a better system for ordering and organizing clothes by size and season. I really didn’t buy a ton of clothes for Teddy before he was born because I wasn’t sure how long he’d be in newborn size vs. 0-3 months (he’s just starting to outgrow a few newborn pieces at five weeks) so he’s mostly wearing clothes we received as gifts. I would guess we have maybe ten outfits, ten plain white onesies, a couple sweaters, and three pairs of fleece booties (which have been way easier than socks, which he manages to kick off at every diaper change) between newborn and 0-3 month sizes and we haven’t had any need-to-do-laundry-now emergencies yet. That said, I imagine his wardrobe will grow once we’re a little more social and he needs to be in more layers for the colder weather. If any veteran moms have advice on this, I am all ears! 

7. Have your parents and Will’s parents chosen their grandparent names?

They have! Will’s parents will be Gigi and Wolfie (long story!) and my parents will be Mimi and Pete (unless of course Teddy decides otherwise!).

8. What would you have named Teddy if he had been a girl? He’s so precious!

Thank you! I found it so much easier to come up with girl names than boy names (anyone else?) and I’m still very much hoping we’ll have a baby girl someday, so my lips are sealed for now! 

9. How have you best been supported as a new mom in these first few weeks?

I love that this was one of the most asked questions — you guys are a thoughtful bunch! Both sets of parents were super helpful with watching Teddy during our first week home from the hospital so Will and I could nap during the day. Will’s mom did a lot of cooking and baking both times she’s visited from Dallas, and my parents have stopped by almost every afternoon after they get out of work to hang with Teddy so I can take a shower or eat a late lunch. And we’ve gotten lots of visits from my siblings (my youngest brother Camden is actually living with us and commuting to New York right now!) and a few close friends and I’m very grateful for adult conversation after spending all day with a very cute but mostly nonverbal little one. 🙂 I haven’t been the best about being in touch with out-of-town friends just yet (when it’s a choice between FaceTime and a nap, I’ve definitely been choosing the latter!) but I’ve so appreciated friends checking in without expectation of a quick reply. We’ve been pretty reliant on Instacart and takeout for food but that’s honestly kind of the norm around here! I guess all that to say I’ve been most grateful for company and visitors asking if one of us wants to eat or shower or nap, even if we don’t take them up on it. 

10. Any hints of your gorgeous red hair on Teddy?

He definitely has Will’s hair for now! His hair is stick straight and looks dirty just hours after we wash it (any tips for this? I can go days without washing my naturally curly hair!). It’s definitely a lighter brown when it’s freshly washed, but no reddish tint so far! But I’ve heard from a few moms on Instagram who said their babies’ hair fell out and totally changed colors so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! 


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  1. My daughter’s hair did that same thing when she was a baby! She was born with a bunch of hair and it looked greasy/dirty almost immediately when it dried from a bath. She did outgrow that (maybe by like 8-10 months??) and at age 2 it looks clean for multiple days now even if it hasn’t been washed. I will also say just in case you are looking for permission to let it go – even when she was a greasy haired baby we just rolled with it and didn’t let it make us feel like we had to give her a bath every day. But also if you want to do bath every day totally go for it! It’s good bonding time!

    This is for when he’s a little older but one thing that I think eventually helped is a cradle cap comb that I used when washing her hair (nothing special just one from amazon). Since my daughter had so much hair I totally did not notice she had cradle cap until much later than people normally deal with it lol. So I was late to the game but I remember kind of thinking maybe that helped?

  2. I love the grandparents names! My mom wanted to be Mimi too, but my oldest nephew decided on Big Mommy instead. Now we all call her Big Mommy and she’s embraced it.


  3. Congratulation on the birth of your beautiful boy. I love his beautiful hair. I hope you and your husband are able to enjoy this special time as much as possible.