I’m six weeks postpartum and officially cleared to work out! I’m planning on starting back at Countdown later this week and trying to fit in some Obé Fitness workouts at home during Teddy’s naps. I still have about ten pounds to lose to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but more than anything I’m just excited to tone up and start feeling strong again. Will and I did our first Obé workout with Teddy in his bouncy seat this weekend and it was kind of a rude awakening, but it still felt really good to be active so I’m going to try and squeeze in a few more this week!

We all know new workout clothes are the best motivation and my workout wardrobe could definitely use some sprucing up. These leggings are pretty much my all-time favorites (I’ve worn them before, during, and after pregnancy) and I recently ordered and fell in love with these sneakers (half a size up from my usual, but I’m worried my feet may have grown during pregnancy?). I also love the look of matching sets (like this with these or this with these) but I’d have to work up some serious confidence to wear one without a t-shirt on top! Any other favorite workout brands I should know about?

design darling workout clothes on my wishlist

Click through the slideshow below to see what’s on my wishlist!

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  1. My feet grew with both pregnancies and never shrank back to their previous size. This bothered me only a little. The thing that really upset me is my ribcage also grew and never shrank back. I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight but my rib cage is nearly 2″ bigger.

    Be gentle with your body. It has likely been forever changed.