We spent a good portion of the weekend decking the halls in anticipation of hosting our first Christmas in our new house. Thankfully my parents live right around the corner and will be doing most of the cooking at their house as we’re getting ready to renovate our kitchen, but we’ll be opening presents and spending Christmas day at our house and I want everything to be perfect for Teddy’s first Christmas! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I insisted on a much-too-large Christmas tree that had to be sawed down the moment it came inside. Oooops!

design darling outdoor christmas decorations

design darling topiary ball planters

design darling wreaths

Thankfully I went the easy route with our outdoor Christmas decorations and ordered pre-lit garland and wreaths from Hayneedle. They have a huge assortment of holiday decorations but I kept things super simple knowing I can always update the look with new ribbon each year. I also ordered two faux topiary balls for our front planters and I’m extremely excited about having greenery I can’t kill. We wrapped a strand of Christmas lights around each of them for the holidays but I’m hoping to keep them out all winter and into spring!

design darling christmas porch decorations

design darling topiary planters

One of my favorite childhood memories is running around the house with my siblings turning on all of the candles in our windows and I’m excited for Teddy to do the same as he gets older. For now he’s content to be held and stare at them as I turn them on each night (what is it about babies and lights? he’s obsessed!). It makes me so happy to pull up to our new home and see the windows lit up! Do you put up Christmas candles in your windows? I found similar ones here if you want to start a new tradition!

design darling christmas decorations

design darling wreath

design darling christmas decorations garland and topiary balls

pre-lit garland  //  pre-lit wreaths (also love this one)  // similar window candles

topiary balls  //  similar planters  //  Christmas lights

P.S. How pretty is this mailbox swag? I’ve never seen that before and love the idea!

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  1. How long do the batteries last in the wreaths? We currently have no outdoor outlets and it is such a pain trying to figure out how to work it all! (Currently, we just have our garland on the INSIDE of the enclosed porch!)

    1. You can set a timer for six hours on / eighteen hours off or turn them off as often as you want to preserve battery life! We haven’t had to replace them yet and we’ve had them up for a month 🙂

  2. Our tradition that on Thanksgiving the candles are all turned on that evening. I love candles in the windows. Wishing you so much joy with Teddy and your first Christmas in your new home.

  3. I big smile came across my face when you mentioned one of your favorite holiday memories is running around and turning the candles on. My siblings and I did the same! Such a fond memory. 😊

  4. How did I never think of topiary balls for planters in winter!!! Buying some right now (they better not blow away haha) thanks McKenzie I always love your home decor and I’m dying to see your future kitchen! ❤️

  5. I still get to my parents over the holidays and rush to turn on the candles each night in the windows! love!

  6. Looks very nice. I would suggest hanging the wreaths on your storm doors versus hanging on the front doors. My wreath hangs on my storm door on a plastic suction cup. Enjoy your holiday as a family of 3.