How is everyone’s 2020 so far? To be honest I haven’t been ready for the holidays to end and for Will to head back to work, but this weekend I finally started feeling more eager to get back into a routine and start tackling my goals for the new year. I spent all of 2019 either pregnant or in the newborn haze and while Teddy will always be far and away my number one priority, I’m excited to prioritize several other goals in the coming year! 

My current 101 in 1001 list ends this July and so far I’ve crossed off 62 items. I still have a bunch of goals on there I’m excited about tackling, but here are a few I really want to prioritize:

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8. Exercise four times a week for one month.

I’ve been back at Countdown Fitness once a week since I was six weeks postpartum (now at fourteen weeks!) and working out with a trainer has been a great way to ease back into working out after giving birth. That said I’m anxious to start feeling stronger and more toned and I know that’s going to require investing more time, so I’m hoping to work out with my mom and/or Will a few additional times a week. If we can get into a decent routine, I’ll also be able to cross off #52 at the same time!

35. Reread the Harry Potter series with Will.

We’ve finished the first six audiobooks and are about halfway through the seventh and I honestly don’t want it to end! This is my third time “reading” the series and I highly, highly recommend the audiobooks if you haven’t already experienced them. Nothing will ever beat the magic of reading these books for the first time, but if anything comes close it’s hearing Jim Dale’s absolutely flawless voices for each character.

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49. Needlepoint something for Teddy.

I’m 90% finished with a Christmas ornament with his name and birth year — I fully intended to have it finished before his first Christmas but it turned out there wasn’t much time for needlepointing with a newborn, ha. I need to do a needlepoint update with all the little projects I did over the summer — you can see an old post on how I got started here!

67. Renovate the kitchen and powder room in our new house.

I edited a few goals on my 101 in 1001 list that I’d written with our previous rental in mind and I’m definitely the most excited about tackling our kitchen and powder room renovation early this year. I have SO much more to share on the home front in the coming weeks and I can’t wait to start chipping away at our second round of projects (you can see the first round here!).

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78. Publish a Fairfield County guide on my blog.

I know this won’t be as popular as my Nantucket guide, but I occasionally get emails from people who are thinking about making a move from the city to the suburbs and I think it’d be helpful to round up all my favorite Fairfield County restaurants and businesses in one place!

87. Finally get Global Entry and TSA pre-check.

I decided to wait to do this until after I’d legally changed my name (you know, a full two years after our wedding…) and now that that’s finally behind me, it’s time! It feels like it’s been forever since we were in an airport (maybe even six months now, come to think of it?!) — is Clear the new thing I should be focused on? Frequent fliers, do tell! I’m sure this won’t be our most travel-heavy year but I’d love to make things as easy as possible the handful of times we will be flying with Teddy.

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You can see my entire 101 in 1001 list here (and please send me yours if you feel inspired to write your own!). In addition to the goals listed there, here are a few other things I’ll be focused on this year:

  • Be less self-conscious about posting on Instagram (stories in particular).

I actually lost followers on Instagram this past year, something that’s interestingly happened with each major life change in the past few years (getting engaged, getting married, announcing pregnancy — weirdly everything except buying a house!). I really try not to obsess over the numbers and of course there’s more to life than a massive Instagram following, but I do feel like I hold myself back by not posting as often as I know I need to in order to reach more people. I love watching other bloggers’ stories every day and almost always get nice feedback when I post my own, but I get paralyzingly self-conscious about talking into the camera and I need to just get over it already. If there’s anything you’d want to see on my Instagram (or blog, for that matter!) I’d love to hear from you!

  • Find a childcare situation that works for us.

I thought I’d be racing to get back to work after having Teddy so I’ve been surprised at just how many hours I could spend happily watching his every move. 🙂 That said I never want to give up this online community I’ve worked so hard to grow over the past ten years, and I know it will only get harder to juggle work and mom life as Teddy takes shorter and shorter naps. I feel so guilty on the days when I can’t get a blog post up after so many years of consistent posting and I know I need a better system in place to keep me on track and stave off the guilt. Both my parents worked full-time outside the house so we had a live-in nanny growing up and while we definitely don’t need anyone living with us, I do think childcare is a conversation I’ll have to stop putting off at some point this year. If you work from home with a baby, I would LOVE to hear how you’ve navigated this!

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  • Write and publish my fourth 101 in 1001 list.

Is it weird to have a goal about writing more goals? It takes a long time to come up with 101 goals I’m excited about taking on and I like to be as thoughtful as possible upfront so I don’t have to make too many edits in the ensuing 2.75 years. My current list wraps up in July and I’d love to have my next list ready to go!

Any goals you’re excited about in the next year (or 2.75, as the case may be)? Would love to hear from you!

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  1. #8 – do you have a Fit4Mom anywhere nearby? It was invented way after I’d have any need, but a friend loved it so much, she bought a franchise.

  2. I don’t have Global Entry but do have TSA Pre-Check. I travel out of the country once or twice a year and never really have any issues coming back into the US so I haven’t invested in that yet. I did get CLEAR this year and it’s a total game changer! I would still recommend getting TSA Pre-Check. When you have both pre-check and CLEAR you get to go through the CLEAR line and the pre-check line. I went through the Fort Lauderdale airport security in 6 minutes this past Sunday morning!!!!!

  3. Apply for Global Entry right now if you want to join the program. I have friends that have had their applications in and waiting to be reviewed for months. It took my application 2 months to be approved last year and I’ve heard the wait is even longer now. It’s WORHT IT though 🙂

  4. I WFH and my son is at daycare full time! Sometimes he doesn’t go for the full day, some days he does. It allows me the flexibility to be productive and he loves his time at school and the routine. I would never be able to be productive with my son at home with a nanny and me working.

  5. Harry Potter: I just spent the last year (plus) reading them to my daughter (now almost 2) while she falls asleep and that was awesome. I could only do one chapter a night (at most) so it was nice really savoring it. I know it sounds ridiculous to read HP to an infant, but I started reading to her as she fell asleep when she was only a few weeks old and I just love it. It’s a very calm time. We’re on Little Women now.

    Childcare: We do a nanny share with another family in our neighborhood. Since they work from home and we mostly don’t, we always act as the host family. It works really nicely and we’ve loved it. The kids get socialization and minimal germs and it costs about the same as daycare.

    I’m working on a hobby belt for my husband for his birthday. 🙂

  6. Anxious to hear how you handle the childcare, I’m in a similar situation and am trying to figure out what to do myself!

    On the followers- I unfollowed so many influencers when they got pregnant because I found it so annoying to see posts about maternity clothes and baby gear. But that was only because I was not at that place in my life yet. It just so happens you and I got pregnant at the exact same time so I found your blog super helpful!

  7. Clear is great if you travel often from larger airports. It requires an annual fee of about $180 (there is occasionally promotions of free months or special pricing), whereas PreCheck/Global Entry are half that and good for five years.

    And I’ve really enjoyed your Instagram stories! I really appreciate that they are a good balance of peeks into your life, as well as the business side of the blog. Too often blogger’s stories are nothing but swipe ups.

    Can’t wait for what 2020 brings!

  8. Been following your journey but never commented and wanted to share my thinking around childcare if it helps at all. I had a baby in the spring last year, just 5 months before you, recently moved into our first home from a very small rental, and now work from home. After much discussion, my husband and I decided to put our daughter in daycare a short drive away. We considered a nanny, but my mommy heart has such trouble when I hear my baby cry and I know I would be so distracted and have trouble getting anything done. We also liked that she would develop social skills being with other babies and teachers. I feel good about being able to get to her quickly if needed but also have some separation so I can be wholly committed to being productive while working. Whatever you choose, it should be right for you and your family so don’t let anyone tell you your decision isn’t the right one! Love these 2020 goals — you can do hard things, mama!

  9. Don’t let anyone make you feel like a SAHM doesn’t need childcare! I always hired local college students as part-time nannies/babysitters. It was wonderful for me and the babies to have their company! They ended up being like little sisters to me.

  10. I think working from home with a baby is one of the hardest things! Neither of my girls napped well as infants, so I never knew if I would have 20 minutes or two hours to get something done – that made it impossible to be consistent with anything. Give yourself lots of grace – most of us will be here waiting for you! For me, leaving the house even for an hour, with someone else watching the baby, was insanely productive compared to a whole day at home trying to do both! You will figure out what works for you, and it’s ok if it changes month to month or even day to day! <3

  11. Bit long comment on the childcare situation, but only because I recently went through this myself!!!

    My daughter is 11 months old and I also work full-time from home. Luckily, my maternity leave was 6-months long, and like you, I thought I’d be eager to get back to work, but instead found myself LOVING the 6 moths I spent “off” with my daughter. We originally thought she’d go to daycare full time when I went back to work, but I realized I would miss her too much! But I also knew I couldn’t be a full time stay-at-home/full time working mom 🙂 (I also really, really love my job). We also wanted our daughter to get the benefit of socializing with other kids and being around other adults so she would be comfortable with someone other than mom & dad…so we chose a mixed approach.

    Two days a week (Monday/Wednesday), our daughter goes to in-home care at the home of a WONDERFUL woman who lives five minutes away from us. There are only ever 2-3 kids (all young ones aged 2 and under) and our daughter has so much fun playing with them (she especially loves the “big kids”)! I also am able to get great parenting advice and ask all my silly questions like “is it too early for her to try puffs? Who sells baby sunscreen that you can put on an infant??? What is the best way to phase in peanut butter?” “Plus, I have the added bonus of working from a “quiet” house those days and it honestly feels like it did pre-baby of my me and the dog 🙂

    Then, the other three days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) we have an in-home nanny…again, a WONDERFUL woman who has two daughters (middle school and high school), who comes to our house from 9am-4:30pm and cares for our daughter while I work in my office. I’m able to pop in for hugs, play time, bottles, and meal times, and can get her up from a nap, go on a quick walk, etc., but am able to hand her off to our nanny if an urgent email or call comes in, or if I have a busy day. I can basically be a working mom, who is around and doesn’t miss milestones (like the first time she ate solids…I ended a call, walked out of my office, and shot the video of her eating peas!). Our nanny is one of the most amazing people and loves our little girl so much – we’ve developed a great routine that works perfectly for us.

    When I do have to travel for work, I know I’ve got a great day-time team who can be flexible with my husband’s work schedule, arrive earlier/stay later, accommodate traffic delays for drop-off/pick-up, etc.

    I can honestly say that our daughter adjusted so well to having all of us care for her…we each do things slightly different, which I think has only made her that much more adaptable to various situations. We’ve really found a great happy-medium, and I can’t recommend it enough. But the most important thing is you find the situation that works for you and people you feel comfortable with.

    If you have any questions, I’m happy to chat more! I’ve gamed out lots of future scenarios for how to make this work once our daughter is old enough for preschool, etc. 🙂

    1. This gives me so much hope! I returned to work this week after almost 5 months home with my son, and my husband is using a few weeks of paternity leave before we start full time with a nanny share. I have been anxious about the change of routine for my little guy (my pre-baby self would have thought I am insane…of course he will be fine!!!)

      Thanks for sharing, here’s hoping my baby adapts as well as yours!

  12. My 101 in 1001 list deadline is October, so I’ll be creating another list this year as well! This was my first time trying one, and it really IS super tricky to try and find goals that will be relevant and that I’ll be excited about for that whole duration. One year in, I ended up changing over 10% of the goals, so I’m pretty impressed that you try so hard not to have to edit any.

    Here’s a link to mine:

    Also, I have a (very small) part-time photography business and do a blog too (though I make minimal money from it), and I stay at home with my 3 kids, including my newborn. Financially we make basically living on one income (supplemented by my two side hustles) work by being really frugal. As for finding time to work, I’ve found that with each new kid added to our family, I get better and better at finding and using up every spare pocket of time wisely. I do a lot of my blogging and editing during naps or when they’re down for the night (or before they get up in the morning), and I fit in other things (like promoting posts via social media) during open slots in the day (but I don’t spend time scrolling feeds on those sites). I’ve had to drastically cut down on time wasting things like watching a lot of t.v., but we make it work.

  13. It’s really interesting to see the creative goals others can come up with to motivate me to think of some for myself. I haven’t seen a lot of the goals you have, but i’m going to try some out! This was really inspirational and motivating for me to write out my own goals for the new year.

  14. Global Entry is amazing! As another poster mentioned, precheck is included with it. However, global entry does not work with an infant unless the infant has global entry as well. Go ahead and get Teddy’s passport and do his GE at the same time as yours.

  15. Congratulations on all you accomplished in 2019! As for content, I love your Friday Q&A posts and your Weekend Reading. How about arranging a Q&A with the novelist Elin Hilderbrand? The two of you have such affinity for Nantucket!

    Jen – from Connecticut, living in London

  16. Go easy on yourself mama! You’re doing great… I love reading your blogs whenever they come out <3 You are your husband have accomplished so much in a short amount of time! A small, in home daycare worked best for us.. it felt more personal and easier of a tradition for two teacher parents… And if you want any help with a Ffld Count guide (specifically with stuff to do with kids) I'd be honored to help! I love writing about where to go and what to do with kids around town.

  17. I don’t think CLEAR is in enough airports to be worth it, but I’d 100% recommend Global Entry (as someone who flies at least once a month). It comes with Pre-Check, which will make going through security much easier/quicker and should make traveling with a baby more manageable! And the Global Entry piece of it makes re-entering the U.S. much faster when you’re returning from an international trip. I got it for free with one of my credit cards, so you might be able to get it for free as well.

  18. I’ve started following you this year and love reading your posts!! Regarding CLEAR – it is a great new travel “hack” but is not in every airport. I’d recommend checking into what airports you fly to/from frequently before taking that plunge. I’d also look into whether your Credit Card covers TSA Precheck or Global Entry (our Chase Sapphire Preferred does!). We love having it!

  19. Hey, just FYI pre check is included with global entry, so you only have to do global entry and you get the benefits of both. Highly recommend. CLEAR is only in a handful of airports, haven’t found it different or worth it in my opinion.

  20. You and Will have accomplished so much in the past few years- getting married, buying a house, having a baby, and soon, renovating your kitchen. I’d love to hear any advice you have on saving for some of those big ticket items- especially as they may come back to back! I’m still a few years away from those things, but want to get on the right track financially to be prepared when they come!

    1. I second this! I’m 3-5 years away from those big milestones and would LOVE financial tips (saving month to month, budgeting for a few big things happening all at once…especially with the expense of living and working in NYC!)