Apologies for the unexpected absence all week. 🙁 The cough I mentioned last week turned out to be a precursor to the flu and I spent the long weekend recuperating at our house while Will and Teddy stayed at my parents’ house. It was SO hard to be apart from Teddy for four days and be pumping while sick instead of breastfeeding and snuggling. Then as soon as I’d popped my last Tamiflu, Will started feeling sick and came back positive for the flu as well so now we’ve swapped places. By some miracle, Teddy is still healthy (please knock on wood for us!!!), but I think he’s started his four month sleep regression as he’s been waking up constantly throughout the night after having slept seven or eight hours straight every night for the previous month. So Will dealt with all the nighttime wake-ups solo while I was sick and now I’m doing the same while he’s sick and well… we’re exhausted. I’m really hoping Will is nearing the end of his flu so we can start to get our lives back in order this weekend, but if you have any magic remedies (for the flu or the sleep regression) in the meantime, we’re all ears. Sending you all the healthy vibes we can muster!

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  1. Oh dear! Well, I hope everyone at your house is feeling better soon. Hang in there. Thank goodness for your wonderful parents! I hope your little man (who is getting SO BIG!) starts sleeping through the night again soon. Four months might be my very favorite age-but really, whatever age your baby is, it’s THE BEST. 🙌🏻💙

  2. I was sick through Christmas and NYE and a week after that. It got better after I went to Urgent Care and got prescribed codeine cough syrup (be careful with it!) so I could actually sleep at night without coughing keeping me up. The flu season has hit hard this year. A lot of people have gotten sick!

  3. hang in there Mama! Think summer and Nantucket! the sleep regression should be brief..usually 3-4 nights.. and make even a few minutes each day to do something that makes you happy!

    ps- even sick, your hair is amazing!

  4. The Magic Merlin sleepsuit got us through the four month sleep regression! It was truly a lifesaver. And it wasn’t very difficult to transition out of once she was ready.

  5. Such a bummer, I hope you all get better soon! For the sleep regression, just keep to that schedule as best you can, hopefully it passes in a week or two. Take turns and use the pacifier (if he takes one) – anything that helps!

  6. I’m sorry you are sick! I want to say that this photo of you and Teddy is adorable, and your hair looks GORGEOUS. Loving the super long locks on you!