I have some big personal news that I’m excited to share as it pertains to our next round of home renovations beginning next week! My amazing parents have decided that this will be their final year at A Better Chance as they’re ready to spend more time with family and on Nantucket in the coming years. This year’s seniors were freshmen when my parents started at ABC and it will be an incredible full circle moment to watch them both graduate this spring. All eight of these young women (and the three who’ve already graduated!) will always have a HUGE place in our hearts and thankfully they live just down the street so we can pop in and visit often! My parents will still pitch in as needed and are hoping to join the board a year from now so they can remain involved in a new capacity. I will be forever inspired by their four years of tireless work and am excited to usher in their next chapter!

But the more personal update is that my parents are moving in with us! I know this will either sound amazing or insane depending on your relationship with your parents/in-laws but Will and I are over the moon and truly counting down the days. It will be such a gift to us to have them so involved in Teddy’s early years and my parents are feeling relieved not to have to buy and sell another house in town before they figure out what their plans for retirement will look like. Will and I kept softly suggesting this plan as they looked at possible houses in the area and were absolutely ecstatic when they slowly came around to the idea! We know we will never regret this extra time with them as we raise Teddy and hopefully grow our family over the next few years. My brother Camden who’s been living with us since September will be moving into the city with friends sometime this spring/summer but I’m kind of hoping there’s a little overlap just for old times’ sake. 🙂 The more the merrier, always!

Before you think we’re totally crazy, my parents will have a completely separate part of the house, as we’re building out the unfinished space above our garage to include a bedroom and full bath and building a mudroom to connect the currently detached garage to the first floor of our home. My parents will share our kitchen (which we’re also renovating!) but their space will not connect on the second floor. I’ll be posting every bit of the process from drawing up plans to beginning construction, choosing finishes, and moving in and I could not be more ready to finally get started! I’ll share a list of all our upcoming house projects on the blog next week and will be documenting the start of construction on Instagram stories starting Monday! So excited!!!!!!!

*will always love these photos from our wedding but clearly need to take more family photos!


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  1. You go, Girl!
    What wonderful news. Such a blessing. Cherish cherish cherish. Tempus fugit.
    Teddy is indeed a blessed child, with you and Will not far behind.

  2. My mom moved in with my husband and me when my baby was 3 months old to “temporarily “ help us through the newborn phase. Almost 4 years and now 3 kids later she is still here. My husband (surprisingly) loves it and never wants her to leave. It’s such a blessing to have my children grow up being so close to their grandmother. Plus the extra hands and babysitting is a bonus!

  3. MacKenzie, First of all the photo’s of your parents are darling, Your mother looks fabulous on your wedding day. What a good looking couple. I too am moving into my son and daughter in law’s home with a separate area. I am so excited and never thought of doing this arrangement. My grandparents meant so much to me and Teddy will love having them close.

  4. This is lovely. It’s such a gift to children to have their grandparents involved in their lives. Of course, I know a big part of this must be because you and Will really get along so nicely with your parents and that is just the best. My 5 yr old son (Will!) and my 8 yr old daughter have had a lot of time with my parents which I will cherish always because my father just passed away. I loved him dearly and it means the world to me that my kids did too. We still talk about “papa” every day and of course my mom now craves seeing the kids even more because they make her smile. Enjoy your parents living with’ll make wonderful memories!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. How incredible that your kids were able to spend so much time with him and are part of so many memories with him. Thank you for sharing in our excitement!

  5. I think it’s absolutely lovely that your parents are moving in with you! And only in America, is multi generational living considered odd. It seems like you’ve developed a great plan to have them so close but with privacy for everyone.

    And what a blessing to have your parents around to love on Teddy and share those special years with him.

  6. My fantasy, my husband’s nightmare 🙂 HA! Glad you and Will both love the idea – sounds like it will be amazing and I’m terribly jealous! Lucky that my parents live nearby and we see them often.

  7. First of all big congrats to your parents on all of their work with the ABC house – I know how wonderful an organization that is that affects so many lives!

    Second, I am SO JEALOUS that your parents are moving in that doesn’t sound crazy at all. Lucky Teddy and lucky mom and dad!!!

  8. This is so sweet! My best friend’s parents retired to FL right before she became pregnant and paid to add a suite above her family’s garage so that they could spend more time with their first grandchild! I love that you and Will are so close with each other’s families!

  9. Our son’s family lived with us for 18 months and we all still, whole heartedly, agree this was one of the best decisions we ever made and a time filled with precious memories from the most usual and seemingly mundane activities. Congratulations to all of you for a wonderful decision!

    1. This makes me so happy! My dad’s mom lived with his sister for years and years and my cousins were all particularly close with her as a result. I’m so excited for Teddy to have that with my parents!

  10. This is the sweetest! You all will cherish this time together and it is so rare to get to do this as an adult. I would be tickled pink if my parents decided to do the same!

  11. What exciting news for you and your family! I love and so admire how close you are with your parents and am so excited for y’all and your next chapter. Can’t wait to follow along with the newest round of renovations! xo

      1. This is such a gift for you. My sister just
        built an in-law suite at her daughter’s.
        She has a small kitchenette and under-
        counter small fridge and microwave.
        She said it has been a God- send for
        morning coffee and evening wine -Haha
        Just a thought in your planning stages.
        Lovely idea. My sister is thrilled with it and
        proximity to grandson.