I wrote a blog post about ten of our favorite baby products in our first month with Teddy and wanted to share a few more things we’ve fallen in love with in the three months since! We still swear by all the products in that post so if you’re looking for a baby monitor, car seat, stroller, playmat, or anything not mentioned here, definitely check out that post as well as our full baby registry here!

P.S. We’re flying with Teddy for the first time this weekend and I finally broke down and ordered the Doona per many of your rave reviews. I imagine that will be an easy addition to my next round of favorites!

1. Skip Hop Explore & More jumper

Teddy loves nothing more than to be held in a standing position — he truly would stand and bounce all day if my arms weren’t about to fall off. I was thrilled when he was finally big enough to use this jumper, which is now a daily source of delight in our household. He’s particularly obsessed with the spinning bumble bee attachment and I’m particularly amused by the jump counter that acts like a Fitbit for babies. 😂

2. Tubby Todd all over ointment

This stuff is so good I want to shout about it from rooftops. Teddy struggled with baby acne in his first couple months and a ton of you recommended this cream made from plant-based extracts. Neither Aquaphor nor breastmilk did the trick for us but I swear this stuff cleared up his complexion in a matter of days. Recently I’ve been covering him in it after his bath every night to combat dry winter skin and he’s never looked or smelled better. I’ll be including this in all baby shower gifts going forward!

3. 7 AM Enfant bunting bag

Sometimes you just have to get out of the house no matter how cold it is, and I can’t imagine doing it without this insanely warm bunting bag that we keep in the bassinet insert of our Uppababy Vista. It’s an investment that only makes sense if you live somewhere with painfully long winters, but I feel like I could climb Everest with Teddy in this thing and he’d be perfectly content.

4. Gund animated elephant

I’ve had a few moms ask how I got Teddy so into tummy time and while I think it’s more dumb luck than anything else, I like to have a few tricks up my sleeve when he starts to lose interest. He loves staring at himself in the plastic mirror that came with our playmat or my phone camera in selfie mode, but this singing elephant is a cute companion that always gets Teddy looking in its direction.

5. Chewbeads silicone links

I didn’t totally get what was so great about these until I watched my friend Katie create an instant mobile above her son’s swing using links and whatever toy she had on hand. We used them to teach Teddy how to grasp onto things around two months and now at four months he’s reaching for them and trying to put them in his mouth.

6. Baby Einstein Glow & Discover light bar activity station

Teddy wasn’t super interested in bells and whistles until around three months and since then he’s loved anything with bright colors, flashing lights, and music. This light bar was a Christmas gift that has all three and he loves tapping the different buttons to hear the animals or colors, which can be announced in English, French, or Spanish (and people said I’d never use my French major for anything 😉). He will now reach for it and try to pull it closer to him so it’s another good thing to have on hand for tummy time!

7. Munchkin Mozart magic cube

This was another Christmas present that’s been a home run with Teddy for the same reasons as the one above. I’ve memorized the different tunes that you can double tap to cycle through and I have to say they’re more pleasant to listen to than other toys we have on hand!

8. Halo sleepsack

I know I included this in my first list of baby favorites, but it’s worth mentioning that we recently ordered more in the small size after he outgrew his newborn ones. The four month sleep regression hit us hard just as we were getting over the flu and I ordered just about every baby sleep outfit on Amazon before our pediatrician told me we could just swaddle him in these with one or both arms out (he’s not rolling from back to stomach yet but we’re trying to break the fully swaddled habit before it’s absolutely necessary). I know some people swear by the magic sleepsuit (and I really think this is one of those preferences that varies greatly from baby to baby!) but we’re back to our old faithful and it feels like the worst is behind us.

9. 4moms high chair

I searched far and wide for a high chair that wasn’t an eyesore and I like the look of this one more than any other I found. When I saw it at a friend’s house during the Super Bowl and she gave it two thumbs up, I placed the Amazon Prime order on the car ride home. We just started solids this past weekend (cute videos saved to my “Teddy two” highlight if you missed it!) and this chair is super sturdy and easy to wash. I’d go so far as to say I love it as much as Teddy loved his first taste of sweet potato purée, and that’s quite a lot!

10. Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave board book

I know this isn’t a product per se, but I had to include what has quite possibly become my favorite children’s book of all time. We read this to Teddy every night (and sometimes once or twice during the day) and it just has the sweetest message and colorful pages he loves to look at. I shared a bunch of our favorite children’s books in this post but you must order this one or request it at your library if you haven’t already! We just received the follow-up Tomorrow I’ll Be Kind (though I wish it were available as a board book!) and I promise these books will put a smile on your face.

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  1. My daughter is 3 now, and this list reminded me of some of her favorites! I love your list of products for Teddy, Mackinzie. Though I bought a few books for my daughter, these two are new to me! I’d love to buy and read out these two for her. Tomorrow I’ll be brave and Tomorrow I’ll be kind will be our new reads this year!

  2. My three-year-old LOVES “Tomorrow I’ll be Brave!” I love it too – the cadence is great for reading and the lettering is gorgeous. We’ve given it to every baby born this year! Now I’ll have to check out “Tomorrow I’ll be Kind!”

  3. Hi Mackinzie!
    First I want to thank you for your recommendation for someone to hang wallpaper! He was outstanding! We’re having him return for some other projects. Thank you!!!

    My husband and I are going on a 7 day river cruise in Central Europe in April. The cruise will include some excursions including hiking and biking. Would you have a moment to suggest a capsule wardrobe for me?

    Thank you!